Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Taliban Slaughters

The Taliban slaughters
140 kids in a school

This is who Hillary Clinton thinks we ought
To be empathetic with she's such a fool

But it seems quite popular nowadays
Yes it seems to be the trend
That we should all treat Monsters
As if they were our friends

It is not merely another view point
It can only be decadence itself
That wouldn't do everything in its power
To stop this from happening to anyone else

Humanity is on the brink
The world is in tumult trouble and toil
Yet here in the bastion of freedom
We have elites beyond the pale and spoiled

Who want to make policy
As though it's all an intellectual game
We need to protect the innocents
But who they want to protect is insane

They have no common sense
They have no real compassion
They have no heart for survival
They wear their lack of standards as a fashion

Do not become numb to these monsters
Or give their supporters any slack
For surely you are selling out civilization
And stabbing every good man and woman

In the back

10:04 am
transcribed this time
11:33 am


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bring on Jeb Bush

Bring on Jeb Bush..

Bring America down
Spread the news Spread the news
The GOP is bringing another mushy moderate around

The illegals all come here for love
Not drugs not gangs not cheap labor not crime
The Chamber of Commerce is swingin the hammer
And they want the same damn thing again this time

To Hell with the base
The average American Joanna and Joe..
We must pander pander pander
We must bend - bend over and go with the flow

Just like a toilet does
When it runs over the edge of a bowl
The elites are willing to risk another defeat
Willing to allow the final death blow

Bring on Jeb Bush..
He's just like Romney and McLame
The establishment Rino's are selling us out
For greed and for the fun of being insane

Just like Bone Head Boehner..
Gave Obama everything he wanted again
To Hell with the Constitution
Their election promises are all pretend

Bring on Jeb Bush..

We haven't suffered enough
Let's have another democrap light
Let's try the same thing again when we lost
Let's not put up a fight

11:21 am
transcribed this time
11;42 am


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Comes the Time

Comes the time of the great despot
And his minions of madness and no shame
Comes the time of the hustlers
And those who swift riff shift the blame

The heat is rising up
The idiots are hitting the street
All are looking for easy targets
But mainly fresh new meat

The guns are going off
The fire is being applied
Witnesses are recanting
But who is it that cares they lied

Certainly not the the thieves
The Hucksters screaming does not cease
What is that there foaming at the mouth about
Oh yeah No Justice No peace

Throwing rocks and bottles
Throwing insults and slurs
All this understanding
Is going by in such a blur

Down with personal responsibility
Up with the accusations slung like mud
Down with sanity and reason
Up with the madness and blood

Undermine any openess and transparency
Destroy any confidence in local personnel
And the concern for facts and truth
Well that can go straight to Hell

What we need is an oligarchy
Of players perversity pimps and punks
What we need is massive corruption
And bodies in the trunks

They want to be our saviors
Just give over all control
And all they want for their utopia
Is your heart your mind

And your soul

9:39 am
transcribed this time
11:10 am


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Obama sticks a fork in a babys head
The rest of his body is defiled
The crowd goes wild
The crowd goes wild

The military is weakened
Their moralle goes down down down
The crowds cheer and jeer
Jump up and down all over pay back town

Diplomats are murdered
Seals are set up to forsake
Benghazi was a long time ago
What difference does it make

Weapons are sent across the border
Directly to the drug cartels
A Border agent is killed
Oh well oh well and what the Hell

Illegals stream in with their
Diseases drugs and crime
Obama lets them go even when convicted
Here come the lies here comes the slime

Health care is a fraud
It's architect is caught in the act
Saying Americans are stupid
But still.....don't confuse me with facts

Ferguson is exploding
People are hurt businesses burned down
The Attorney General is celebrating
Along with all the race hustlers pimps and clowns

Our energy sources are blocked
Never mind jobs here's some stamps for food
And everytime that damned fool steps to the microphone
Isn't he always in a socio pathic arrogant mood

Join him all you want
You traitors thieves and whores
Your time is coming Your time is coming
And you have no idea

What's in store

10:32 am
transcribed this time
10:50 am


Monday, October 13, 2014

How will this.....

Kurds stand ready to fight to the death
For their freedom and their very lives
How will this affect Obama...
Will his power grow and thrive

Ferguson burns
While rioters loot rob and steal
How will this affect Obama
Will he lose his all important appeal

Isis cuts off another Americans head
And as he dies writhing in pain
The first press question asked is
Will this interfere with Obama's golf game

Ebola looms and threatens
To run loose and wild
How will this affect Obama
Will he by slander be defiled

How dare anyone criticize Obama
While he is the sitting president
How dare they write books
Without his personal consent

Just because military men suggest
Other plans concerning our national security
How can we even consider closing the border
If this is indeed the Land of the Free

Obama proclaims it's work place violence
So that ends the terrorist discussion
How will this affect Obama
Will there be more willy nilly silly

Fightin and fussin

How will this affect Obama
This should be our primary focus and concern
According to the Lame Stream Press
As they deign to teach us what we should learn

Our military's preparedness
Our economic welfare Our national borders
Who holds the worlds wisdom
If not a main stream reporter

Five Terrorists for Bergdahl the traitor
While our Marine languished in a Mexican Jail
How will this affect Obama
He must not be seen to ever fail

What happens to the US
To us to our lives our dreams and plans
How does this affect Obama
Well as they say in the South

Frankly my dear
I don't give a Damn

12:02 pm
* transcribed this time
9:29 am

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ferguson...The Spirit of St Louis....What

Don't need no grand juries....Don't need to hear both side.....Lady Justice had her blind fold ripped off by those who would decide for all of us.....There is a new law coming to town and it's in the flames and riots...The businesses being burned down....And you better not have a different approach You better not disagree You better follow the party line as to the only way to be free Look at the darkness rising Look at it posing as light....Look at it telling you Who and What and When and Where everything will be alright........Thugs are worshipped as heroes And described as little boys They're screaming hatred and lies but we're told it's just brave joyful noise......Believe everything they say till your brains are turned to mush.....Turn the other cheek till your spines and souls are crushed

Beneath the weight of betrayl By a blow to reason and common sense
Wash your mind out with propaganda
Gargyle deep and long

Repeat and Rinse Repeat and Rinse

But then again maybe not
I am not afraid to hear out someone else
Because in the end I will seek out the truth

I will.....think for myself


7:55 am

Monday, June 9, 2014

President Wee Wee

In a desperate move of
Brilliance and degeneracy
Has come to deliver us all
From the perils of the open sea

No more Jesus and sailors
Only golf and the music of JZ
Such an intelligent delusional
Decision made for you and me

He knows what is best
He has Beyonce's blessing as well
This and the Muslim Brotherhood
Will save us all from the ravages of Hell

Releasing the Taliband
Emptying Gitmo's cells
He knows the end of the story
And it's only one he can tell

If more soldiers have to die
So be the world of mystical fate
To have heard and disagree
Is only because of a personal hate

Such beauty and insight
The Healers must also stand down
We must keep in mind our priorities
First and foremost is the crown

Of the one who knows
The one true way
We are all being transformed
For now comes the final day

When all will be judged
When all will be seen simple and clear
Sacrifices must be made
We must be able to surrender what is dear

To ascend to the new heights
It can all be done through hope and change
Believe Believe Believe
Give yourself over to the pain

President Wee Wee
Has come to cleanse us
We must give ourselves over
We must we must we must

In him lies our salvation
In him lives

The great liberating trust

10:16 am
transcribed this time
11:59 am


Friday, June 6, 2014

I am not going to withhold judgment

Obama released mass murderers
Men are dying in the VA
Bergdahl should be shot
Obama is playing golf almost everyday

Searching patrolling rescuers
Patriotic soldiers ended up dead
Hagel doesn't even know this
Or at least that's what he said

But he tells Bergdahls parents
The American military has their back
What a heartless cold old bastard
What a used up worthless hack

Obama is  touring Europe
The most deceitful man alive
Also the most dishonest and shameless
I'm sick of his shuck and jive

The Republican Elitists
Offer no alternative view from the right
All this corruption right in front of our faces
And not one damned conviction in sight

I'm not going to withhold judgment
All I keep hearing is they're trying
Meanwhile we keep paying the price
Meanwhile our bravest and best

Do the dying

Where is the hanging rope
Where are the guillotines
I personally think these are what it takes
For these sons of bitches

To understand what we mean

3:22 pm
*D Day
Men did not fight ..and die
to have some damned tyrant
commie sell us down the river

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I'd like to do a raid in Mexico

Take a direct approach
To that damned police station
Where they are illegally holding
One of the finest of this nation

We have a Marine
Held in a jail down there
Somebody needs to give him up
Or be sucking in air

Through the chest wounds
Inflicted by a three o eight
I'm sick of all this fake tolerance
I'm sick of all this hate

I want to get him out
And get him to family and home
I want him to know we love him
I want him to know he is not alone

I want to blow off some
Mexican Occifers head
I want them down
I flat out want them dead

This stinking administration
Has no respect for our brave
Look at who they get killed
Look at who they save

Mexican National Illegals
Jihadi Crazy Killers on a spree
This stinking administration
Doesn't give a damn if we're free

Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
Live Free or Die
Rescuing him


Rescuing us


10:16 am

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Obama is at war

Obama is at war with Freedom
Obama is at war with the sane
Obama is at war with decency
And those who resist his inflicting pain

Obama is at war with the Navy
Obama is at war with the Marines
Obama absolutely hates alpha males
Obama is upon my homeland a stain

An insult to the sacrifices made
By the men and women gone before
Who have worked to make this nation great
Who worked to create a dynamic core

Of spirit knowledge and strength
That faced up to responsibilities
But now we all look around
And what do we see

Obama is at war
With women and Jesus himself
He's so in love with the Muslim Brotherhood
He can't really think of anything else

But playing golf
And partying on and on and on
Obama thinks he is a King
And we are but servant pawns

Obama is at war with economic sense
That's why he spends spends spends
Obama is at war with the truth
That's why his answers wears depends

Obama is at war with the American people
That's why he wants all our guns
Because sooner or later Genocide
With be the park ride he thinks

Is the most fun

9:15 am
transcribed this time
9:24 am


Friday, March 28, 2014

Peace will rise

Peace will rise one day
With the morning sun
Shining on the dead
Of every Palestinian son

Who raised his weapon
Who raised his hand
Who mindlessly and
Fanatically made demands

Beyond all reason
Beyond all decency and soul
As he babbled out insanity
That made his heart cold

Peace will rise

Peace will rise one day
On the Middle East
When civilized man
Slays the evil beast

9:00 am
transcribed this time
11:23 am

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Again....on the narcissistic one

This man is no man

He has no honor
He has no shame
He does not care
Who he causes pain

He's a low lifes low life
He's a ruination
He's a sham and a hoax
A blight upon this nation

He's bored of the presidency
He's a celebrity whore
He loves the concerts
He loves the vacations galore

He can not be trusted
He endlessly lies
And all the main stream press close their eyes

He is total corruption
He spends and spends
His every act is done
To bring our freedom

To an end

12:21 pm


Monday, March 10, 2014

I will not....back up

I am a Conservative..

I will not back up the lesser of two evils again.

We haven't even chose a candidate for the Republican
as pertains to running for President of the United States..
And I already hear the Horse Race Crap...
The name calling...I'm supposedly a extremist
a blah blah blah blah

It's even happening in the polls and on Fox..
No more No more No more

This is the time of values and beliefs
NOT go along with me or I'm the one causing grief

We've already had two damned
So called moderate candidates



I will not back up the lesser of two evils again
We need a big tent..and it had better be a conservative tent.

All are welcome on the Freedom Wagon
All are welcome at the Freedom Ball
All are welcome All are welcome
Come one Come all

But No More do you get our vote for free
No more will you push us to follow blindly
You can barely hold back your looks of contempt
As we mention to you a bold step at an attempt

To bring back America from the brink
It's time to look deep to really think
We are in danger here at home
The left will leave us all standing alone

The Blame America first crowd has us at risk
Russia China North Korea The entire Middle East..
It is truly a dangerous world
Appeasement and ignorance has released the Beast..

It is time the elitist and RINOs stood aside
It is time to retire their ignorant pride
We stand at the cross roads of a time
Where true patriotism is portrayed as a crime

We want a true conservative
We will accept no amnesty no matter its form
You will not bend or break us
We will not conform

We want true conservatism expressed
In a vision inspirational and clear
Who boldly represent the American Dream
With out timidity or fear

I am a Conservative..

And I take this vow freely and without reservation

I will not back up the lesser of two evils again.


10:19 am
transcribed this time
19:26 am


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hollowing Out Our Military

We have a liar in chief
Cutting to the bone
And all to feed into corruption
To leave us standing alone

Naked and alone
Debt debt debt
He's destroying the best
And does not have one regret

Not enough for pensions
Not enough for decent pay
Reducing the number of actual shooters
To stand in harms way

In this dangerous world
Evil has taken notice of this
They do have the deadly intentions
To see that we no longer exist

The scum in our White House
Has his exit strategy planned
He will sacrifice any and all
Down to the last man

Strength and Honor
I love my brothers in arms
I will do what I must
To keep them from harm

This back stabbing is treason
They all think it's fun and games
Till they have blood on the line
Till they face death and pain


11:20 am

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Typical of Obama butt kissers

They don't care about your wife
They don't care about your military
They don't care if they take your life...

They don't care if it is your money
They don't care if it is your pride
They step on and over as long as they get
Their one long free ride

They don't care if this nation
Has been a nation of beaming light
They don't care what you think
They know that you will never be right

They don't care if you're a Christian
They don't care if you're a Jew
They'll tell you to your face
Oh hey there buddy screw you yeah you

They don't care about your health care
Just get in line and do what they say
And don't you dare to question them
You best just go on and get out of the way

They don't care if you know they are fanatics
They are true believers to their cause
They are without any morral grounding
And we better get down to

Tooth and Fang and Claw

Because baby they don't care

2:12 pm

transcribed this time
2:18 pm


Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Time Is Now

We must make the case for conservative thought
What is the message of our Right..
Not everything should be on the bidding block
We must stand for ourselves and fight

It's not if you can win the fight
It's if you are willing to fight to win
We don't need republican elitists
Telling us the mushy middle makes friends

There are vicious vile personal attacks
There is cherry picking and slander galore
They have nothing to encourage us
Only the sell out positions of a whore

No more no more no more
We want someone we can get behind
We want someone who isn't a bore
Someone with a Constitutional mind

Gut up put some steel in your backbone
Go for the one and only American Dream..
Let the real truth tellers know they're not alone
Let not our nation die for the one long

Silent scream

I will never apologize for calling a commie pig
A commie pig or any other name
If you think ripping my nation apart is your gig
I will not carry your no blame no shame

We're coming this time
And we're coming hard and fast and true
We don't need half wit nit pick slicksters
Just do what you say you'll do

We want our military strong
We want our borders locked down
We want our taxes lowered
We don't want any black panther clowns

Getting a free ride off the Attorney General
We don't want guns going to drug cartels
And if you kill one of our border guards
We want you on the short track to HELL

And don't you dare abandon our war fighters
Here at home or across the seas
This is the bottom line This the bottom line
This time it's freedom or tyranny

This time
It's you and me

10:54 am
transcribed this time
6:47 pm


Friday, February 14, 2014

No Nation Can Survive

With open borders
With wild endless spending sprees
But the only concerns some seem to have
Is coming after you and me

No more games no more politics
This is about right and wrong
Let us join together and help
Sing  this freedom song

Let it ring from the mountains
Let it ring from the rafters
Let us let it be fully known
What it is exactly we're after

We want our military respected
We want their color flying bright and bold
We want them to know we love them
Body mind and soul

We don't want any leaders
Who lead from behind
We don't need any slickster tricksters
Trying to keep us blind

No nation can survive

When only lies are repeatedly told
When constantly stabbed in the back
We must all follow our own callings
We must keep our lives on track

We must confront the evil
We must expose the appeasers
We must stand boldly with the truth
And not sell out people pleasers

We can draw courage from one another
We can learn and grow and learn
We can uplift each others heart
We can with fiery spirits burn

10:42 am
transcribed this time
10:48 am


Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Coming Down Around Us

Crime is running amok

But he's not an outlaw
He's a criminal out of control
He even tells nuns
They have no access to soul

There is no freedom of religion
I can do what I want to do
He thinks he has no boundaries
With total power he is imbued

The Constitution to him is a joke
He has a phone and a pen
There is no limit to his power
It's all about him

I'm sick of declarations
About who and when it failed
I don't want anymore indignation
I want somebody in Jail

They have no personal shame
They have totally gone corrupt
I want them doing hard time
I want them locked up

All this timidity and moderation
All these heads in the sand
It's not something I'm asking for
It's something I demand

Coddling criminal aliens
ROE's that get our guys killed
But all I ever hear about is how
The last vacation was such a thrill

The Border is wide open
No enforcement going on there
Money for the stinking illegals
But our jobs just vanish into thin air

Money money money
And they want more more more
The debt ceiling has been raised
To accomidate even the tallest whores

We will not drill for oil
We will not mine for coal
I have a pen and a phone
You sonsofbitches do what you're told

And accomidators step to the side
They keep putting off what's right
Next time next time next time
It's never time to fight

And some even have the damned nerve
To criticize the best of our kind
Who stand up for our values
Who openly boldly speak their minds

But enough is enough
Special Prosecutors get to work
Go after these liars con artists and thieves
Go after these smirking jerks

It's coming down around us
The river is going to flood
It's coming down to hard lines
It's coming down to blood

9:05 am
transcribed this time
9:21 am


Monday, February 10, 2014

Further Research Into The Blood Read Studies

Red Stars Jungle Trails
And shifting times

They were wearing proudly their new belt buckles
The ones with red stars as they walked down that jungle trail
We had gotten there early and laid out our claymores
Set up our L shaped ambush and when the time came

We did not fail

We clicked those clackers that sent those steel balls flying
We fired off our rifles and threw our grenades
They had believed their elders about Communism
But they had no idea of how or why it was made

It was made to oppress it was made to control
It was made to set up a few elitist to rule above all
We couldn't get to them at the moment all we could do
Was make those young bodies fall

With a blood red mist filling the air and deafening gun fire
We layed them low we blew their bodies and brains apart
We followed our Constitution We followed our plans
We followed our souls We followed our hearts

You can debate with words You can push back with writing
But sooner or later when it comes to fanatics and their evil harm
You have to set to with the ancient art of resistence by fighting
You have to stand up for the truth you have to oppose

With the force of arms

11:10 am
note of plausible deniability
no thought or intention of violence
encouraged or intended


Sunday, February 9, 2014


Is why they let in the Muslims
Who have terrorist ties
Power is why Obama gets away
With his outrageous lies

We are never ever to question
They all mean to do well
When they turn their thumb screws
And drag us all to Hell

Power is why we must let
Every stinking criminal alien in
We must be tolerant of Islam
And recognize Christianity as sin

They call their moves reform
They want to talk all nicey nice
But they don't care about the destruction
Their hearts are cold as ice

They can choose to not answer questions
And still make transparency claims
They can say their being insulted
While they play their stupid word games

Power is talking about shadows
When they push the children out front
And all we get from Bone Head Boehner
Is complicitness surrender and

The occasional punt


It's not about guns
It's about control
It's not about religion
It's about our ragged souls

Power is why they push health care
It's not about health at all
They don't want you to be polite
They want you to groveling crawl

It's the truth they say they want
As they tell us to bend over and cough
Power Power Power
The pigs all line up at the trough

Unconstitutional executive orders
Activist judges blocking the way
Dig up Brian Terry and kill him again
Lawlessness is the rule of the day

They laugh right in our faces
When we call their Communism out
They use the Just Us Department
To abuse to oppress repress

And make it only what they're about


Power Power Power
The enemy is inside the gate
It's time we all stood tall
And took into our own hands

Our fate

11:01 am
transcribed this time
12:22 pm



Tuesday, January 28, 2014

State of the Tyranny

No talk about victimization
No talk about the redistribution
No low level sewer talk
From the left and its non contributions

But now they are the enemy within
Spewing all their hatred and lies
Oh they have their megalomaniac
And they do it right before our eyes

We used to have a city on a hill
We used to have beliefs and dreams
We used to have leaders who led
And not with community organizer schemes

Monsters roam our land
And infections seek to destroy
They wish to take our promise
And use it as their toy

It's life and death nowadays
And one day the lids gonna blow
Because when it goes it goes
And the blood just flows

And flows

8:58 pm

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You know what

I don't care what the courts say
I don't care what the lawyers say
You ain't gonna take away my freedom
Or tell me what I can say in any way

I don't care about democrats
Or re-pukes dressing themselves up
And pretending to be conservative
But what they really are is corrupt

You want to go all tyrant on me
I will blow off your f*cking head
It's hard to continue being an oppressor
When you wake up dead

I'm sick of the lying and conniving
I'm sick of the endless fake flake smiles
No more cover ups and dismissiveness
It's twisted perverted diseased and vile

Lawlessness is running rampant
The Media is complicit as well
I'd like to knock out all their teeth
I'd like to send them all straight to HELL

9:33 am
transcribed this time
9:29 am


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

At your casket

Right in your face
Right in your sons face
Right dead on to your mom
They have no sense of disgrace

They are outright murderers
They are a sickening disease
The rules are for everybody else
They just do as they please

They spit on the brave
The wounded and the dead
They could give a damn less
You just go where you're led

They laugh mock and ridicule
They rob steal and plunder
They think there is no lightning
Going to strike amidst deadly thunder

12:25 pm
transcribed this time
5:32 pm


This Just in...

This just in from the head of the
Yo Bro Ho Mo Fo club

All white people should be enslaved
The Military especially are scum
America deserves to be punished
Dennis Rodman is not a bum

I never heard of Benghazi
Eric Holder did not run guns
All my vacations are cheap
And I've hardly ever had one

I do not lie
I do not cheat
This country is not in debt
I'm really not one of the elite

And the main stream press
Goes after me hard
It's not my fault ever
And I never ever never never

Play the race card

11:22 am
transcribed this time
5:24 pm


It is not a political move It is betrayl

It's not a political move
It's betrayl

OooRahhh Semper Fi

All my young wolves
All my old vets
Who stand tall and true
Without regret

For each other
And with each other
Baptized under fire
We are all brothers

We honor each one
We honor them all
Together we stand
And tyrants fall

The time is coming
It does draw near
Time to suck it up
Hold back the tears

And tear down the walls
Of ignorance and hate
To HELL with the enemy
It's not too late

To HELL with the enemy
Their arrogant lies
Together we face outward
With open eyes

To HELL with the enemy
That comes from without
We will kill them all
Without hesitation or doubt

To HELL with the enemy
That comes from within
This betrayl will also die
This treason will end

11:47 am
transcribed this time
5:17 pm