Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ferguson...The Spirit of St Louis....What

Don't need no grand juries....Don't need to hear both side.....Lady Justice had her blind fold ripped off by those who would decide for all of us.....There is a new law coming to town and it's in the flames and riots...The businesses being burned down....And you better not have a different approach You better not disagree You better follow the party line as to the only way to be free Look at the darkness rising Look at it posing as light....Look at it telling you Who and What and When and Where everything will be alright........Thugs are worshipped as heroes And described as little boys They're screaming hatred and lies but we're told it's just brave joyful noise......Believe everything they say till your brains are turned to mush.....Turn the other cheek till your spines and souls are crushed

Beneath the weight of betrayl By a blow to reason and common sense
Wash your mind out with propaganda
Gargyle deep and long

Repeat and Rinse Repeat and Rinse

But then again maybe not
I am not afraid to hear out someone else
Because in the end I will seek out the truth

I will.....think for myself


7:55 am

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