Sunday, December 22, 2013

From one Fuck you to the next

The 9 re-pukes who voted with the
DemonRats to steal from vets
Bi-Partisan...whores going forward
Hating this country and


They are laughing in your face
As they work to let the illegals in
They laugh at your religion

They mock your rejection of sin

They hate you and want
To destroy your way of life
They will kill your children
They will kidnap and rape your wife

They will take away your guns
They will take away your rights
They will make it against the law
For you to resist or fight

They want you on your knees
You're being sold out from within
They keep telling you later later
It is not yet time to begin

To remove this cancer
That is eating away at our soul
They will tell you when to bet
They will tell you when to fold

Prepare for the revolution
For sure its time draws near
You must believe what they believe
Or all you deserve is fear and tears

Blessed be to us all
Blessed be to the brave
Blessed be our freedom
For now it must be saved

12:54 pm
transcribed this time
6:46 pm


Saturday, December 7, 2013

A tyrant is among us

And he's becoming
More and more unhinged
We are now disconnected
From our Constitution..

He's on a power drinking binge

It's not a close call
By executive orders he rules
And he gets away with it
Because of mindless stupid fools

Process matters
The end doesn't justify the means
Lawlessness abounds
On each and every chosen scene

Everything can be re-written
Everything can be changed
There is no balance of power
Everyday it becomes more deranged

Illegals have more rights
Than World War Two vets
He's not the least bit ashamed
He has not one regret

Who is it that says we have to obey
Illegitimate government action
A totalitarian mind set
Is trying to undermine all traction

By a free and willful people
By the hard working patriotic class
And it may not be entirely appropriate

But I'm thinkin all of them....

Every last one of them
Can shove it up their ass

1:59 pm

Thursday, December 5, 2013

On this day

Obama is more and more acting like
Being lawless is the way to go
He has but the thinnest veneer of a cover
He presents as if it is but a show

And he's got the most power
He's got more guns than you
That will shoot you dead
If he says that's what they should do

He's an empty hollow man
With but pride and delusion at his core
He has nothing but contempt for this nation
He's caused horrific harm and wants to do more

There is no balance of power for a tyrant
There is no Constitution for a mad man
He lies and lies and lies and lies and lies
He's more than any free person can stand

He's the epitome of ignorance and arrogance
He's vindictive through and through
His followers are now but the blind fanatics
The sycophants who will never know who

The brave soldier or marine is
The hard working man giving his all
The mother who does not abort
And does not for the race hustler fall

And sell out their freedom
Their Homeland and its history
Our very nation and its peoples survival
Has all come down to you and me

2:35 pm
transcribed this time
2:43 pm


Sunday, December 1, 2013

A shadow falls across Arlington

The dead begin to stir
False words are being spoken
Promises of long ago
Are being broken
Who steps forth to steal honor
That he did not earn
Only offers forth his soul
To the flames that eternally burn
For here lie the brave and courageous
Who answered the heralded call
Here lies those who in bloody battle
Took the final fall
They were killed on the beaches
They were torn from the air
They strove forth with their brothers
Who still deeply deeply care
The roll call comes from jungles
And comes up from the sands
It echo's off the mountains
They gave all.... all to the final man
Who is this untried arrogant child
Who steps upon hallowed ground
Who speaks these empty words
Who utters these small selfish petty sounds

4:35 pm
transcribed this time
11:34 am


Sunday, November 17, 2013

The SonofaBitch has been on his own purge surge

“To understand the insufferable assaults on our military and veterans, who should be exempt from political squabbles but are often at the forefront of Obama threats, we need to understand the psyche of the elite in this country led by Obama,” Brady said.
“It is no accident that the president used the Obama sequester and shutdown to punish the military family,” he said. “It is part of his DNA. In fact it is in the psyche of the entire liberal/progressive establishment – the elite. President Clinton outed himself and this ilk when he declared his loathing of the military. Who could believe progressives/liberals care about veterans and military?”

Obama is a traitor

He seeks to destroy our military
He fires the brightest and best
He is a Marxist ideologue
And everyone must pass his test

He hates real men
Alpha males like the Marines
He hates the Army Rangers
He prefers flaming all out queens

He does not respect bravery
He dismisses courage and guts
His arrogance allows him to operate
With his head firmly up his butt

He is ugly and shallow
He is mean petty and small
It is time for this low life to go
It is time for this tyrant to fall

He undermines and degrades
He puts our warriors at risk
He sits atop the body politic
Like a sickening oozing cyst

10:25 am
“To understand the insufferable assaults on our military and veterans, who should be exempt from political squabbles but are often at the forefront of Obama threats, we need to understand the psyche of the elite in this country led by Obama,” Brady said.
“It is no accident that the president used the Obama sequester and shutdown to punish the military family,” he said. “It is part of his DNA. In fact it is in the psyche of the entire liberal/progressive establishment – the elite. President Clinton outed himself and this ilk when he declared his loathing of the military. Who could believe progressives/liberals care about veterans and military?”
And much much more detail in the article below


Monday, November 11, 2013

On this Veterans Day

On this Veterans Day

In these dark times
We take care of our own....
Is a phrase used by Obama

To strip our military of its morale
To make them all individually feel as though

They stand alone...

12:19 pm

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Prepare my brothers and sisters

Soothe yourselves with song
We can weaken ourselves
If we but concentrate on

Only the right and wrong

Let us listen to the natural
Let us hear the wind in the trees
Let us look past those
Who seem but Hell bent on

Look at me Look at me

Hear the howling of dogs
Smile at the cats purring sounds
Let us open up our hearts
To the birds singing praise

To where grace abounds

Laugh with the children
As they celebrate being alive
With every breath they take
With food sun and love

They blossom openly and thrive

Let us take a moment
A break in the eternity of time
To recognize body soul and mind
Thinking belongs to light

And blood is the wine

8:45 pm
transcribed this time
9:41 pm


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fear Not Monsters and Angels

There's a numbness in the soul
Drifting through the air
Searching all about
And taking every dare

It's coming for any inspiration
It's coming for any resolve
It feeds off troubles and woes
And doesn't want them solved

Everything is taken back a notch
Everything is pulled back a step
It now operates without any mercy
Compassion forgiveness or regret

Whatever your passion is
To make this world a better place
There is an evil that has risen
And it has come to degrade grace

If you love dogs
It wants them to suffer more
No big deal if they are mistreated
It wants us knocked off the center of our core

If you love the military
Know of the sacrifices that they make
It wants the pride taken from their stride
Their victories seen as phony and fake

If you love your country
It wants you guilty and ashamed
It wants the negative only emphasized
It wants us bloody broken and blamed

This thing has been loosed
It's opportunistic and selfish in every detail
It takes as it's value not in its winning
But the sick twisted joy of seeing you fail

Know that it's in the culture
Know that it's all over the press
Know that it's sole purpose is to see you
Devalued stressed and depressed

Becareful in using your logic
Reason is not its primary seed
It'll tell you what you want to hear
But to give itself time to do its dirty deeds

Becareful in your avoidance
Becareful in pulling too far back
It's only giving itself the room
To come at you with a back attack

Breathe the open air
Take in the morning sun
Take joy in the simplist things
That you manage to get done

There is a monster in our midst
It runs in rivulets and rivers of pain
It changes into many shapes and forms
It changes it's approach and names

Believe and have faith
Hear the rain and its healing sounds
Look up into the darkest sky
And know that a hammer is coming down

Fear not the judgement of angels
Their singing swords of steel are real
And though you may tremble at first
The blood of your enemy does grow

To have its appeal

10:53 am
transcribed this time
12:47 pm


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not Guilty

Not Guilty

As anyone who defends themselves
Against great bodily harm or death
We all have a right to liberty..
We all have a right to our sacred breath

Nobody has the right to knock you down
And pound your head into the sidewalk
Nobody's tellin me Creepy Ass Cracker..
Is a bunch of light hearted talk

The Black Panthers put out a contract
To make George Zimmerman Dead
And what do we hear from Eric Holder
Not one damn word was said

They say George was a wanna be cop
Meanwhile Trayvonne was a wanna be thug
Doin double finger flip offs grinnin stealing
A real "no limit niggah" bragging about doing drugs

Not Guilty as the day he was born
Not Guilty to the righteous and sane
Not Guilty as in should have never been tried
Not Guilty to anyone with a soul

And even half a brain

12:19 pm

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Calls for civility fall silent

The calls for civility fall silent
All good manners are cast aside
The leftist go all crude and rude
One of the world's greatest leaders has died

Meanwhile the golf playin partian man
Has got much better things to do
Than to show any honor or respect
For anybody who loved me and you

She and Reagan and John Paul
Brought down the Soviet Bloc
And now this Muslim Brotherhood supporter
Laughs and takes his short walk

Back up to the microphone
To bolster the spirit of our nation
Benghazi and Fast and Furious
Who better to push an investigation

The media never blinks an eye
They don't even try to keep track
They're real good at self censorship like
When the bust of Churchill got sent back

Why ask him about Eric Holder
When he goes to trying to confiscate guns
Why cover the trial of the murdering abortion doctor
When there's so much else that's fun

There's a double standard going on
For the self righteous and the two faced
Suddenly there is no dishonor or shame
Suddenly there is no such thing as disgrace

Ugly is as ugly does
It goes deep and to the core
Clowns sycophants and hanger arounds
Are standing in the way at the door

The calls for civility fall silent
All good manners are cast aside
The leftist go all crude and rude
One of the world's greatest leaders has died

And anybody intimidated by this sorry lot
Needs to seriously stand the Hell back
Patriots know the gang of eight can't shoot straight
And a sell out is.... a sell out

When your head is firmly up your butt crack


9:57 am
transcribed this time
10:07 am


Thursday, April 11, 2013

All so you can take a bow

The Black Gangs Chicago riots version

Well well well

Aren't you the sweetest kind of
Multi kulti freak
You're so open and forgiving
So kind and generous when you speak


About givng away my freedom
Giving away my safety in my home land
All so you can take a bow
As a tolerant wonderful man

Who rewards gangs with open disregard
Of this nations laws and guiding rules
Ahhhh yes those insignificant minor details
Are only for the less enlightened fools


And thus

Up go the hospital costs
But what do you care
Up goes the number slaughtered
And families hearts laid bare

Up go the murder rates
The gangs theft and crime
But all that to you reads as petty
Beneath you and a waste of your time


What an arrogant dream schemer
What a brain washed drone
When here comes the riots
And all you can do is lie prone


And think that you can get away with it
By sitting up all pretty and striking a pose
But let me tell you something buddy
That's not the way it is or it will go

Because there's a price to be paid
For freedom and an ability to think
And I will stand and deliver

Whether it be blood or ink


5:14 pm
transcribed this time
12:28 pm


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brave New World Slave New World

Insane Hussein is prime time slime

He is a liar a thief and a traitor
He is dedicated to his cause
He doesn't care how he does it
He doesn't care about the laws

He's a pig and a scum bum
He tricks up all slick and he's quick
To create chaos and confusion
Believe me he does it for kicks

He's a true believer
He's dug up Karl Marx's grave
And gave that dead stinking body
Oral sex as resuscitation in order to save

That rotten evil communist system
To give it one more chance to break us
To rob of us of our love honor and integrity
To make us incapable of any trust

Trust but verify words to live by
America needs her vigilant now
Screw this Muslim symp wimp
To Hell with the holy cow

The Golden calf is not our God
Neither is the molester of a child
Who proclaimed himself a Prophet
And then went on to kill and defile

Every Patriot needs to prepare
We need to engage the sick and insane
The Crusades never ended
Let our Phoenix nature rise from the flames

For we are now at a place and time
When Leftists lecture us about rules
And how we need more and more of them
I will not bend to the ramblings of fools

These people will kill us
With their ignorance myths and lies
A centralized all powerful government
Is the monster right before our eyes

It may take letters songs and words
It may take bullets guns and knives
The Threshold of a dream
The Threshold of a scream

You tell me which has arrived

10:01 am
transcribed this time
11:39 am

Obama is a traitor

Deserving all that
Traitors bring upon themselves

Taken out and shot
Taken out and hung
Taken out and executed
For being on the bottom rung

Of civilized behavior
In a civilized nation
When you bring disgrace
To the situation

Your fellow men
Find themselves in
When attacked from the outside
You can't have it also within

And that's what he does
With his orders and proclamations
He's a blight on humanity
He's an utter out and out

Complete Obamanation

He gets good men killed
He wants more illegals here
His motives are in his actions
His intentions are clear

Destroy the economy
Rip up the Constitution
Strip you of your guns
Bring down the institutions

That once protected us all
That brought honor to our lives
He hates the USA
And could care less if it survives

Unemployment and food stamps
And still we can't drill
Obamacare makes me sick
Haven't we had our fill

I spit in his face
I'd spit on his grave
He is a total disgrace
What soul is there to save

He gives the Muslim BroHood
Jets and tanks what a mess
Fort Hood and Benghazi
The A-hole couldn't care less

11:17 am
standard plausible deniability
of any unlawful violence being
Imagery is to set in motion
the power of emotion
* transcribed this time
11:20 am


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lady Liberty Lifts Her Lamp

Arlington stands quiet at break of day
The First and Second Amendment are here
So that each and every one of us may have a say


Stomp their guts out
Do it with a smile
Kick their butts about
And do it with some style

It's time we took a stand
It's time to grow a spine
It's time to not compromise
It is time to draw the line


When are we going to stop tossing soft balls
When are we going to quit rising above
When are we going to quit giving away it all
And wanting from the prime time slime

A small bit of love

They're never going to play fair
They'll never give anybody a break
That doesn't slavishly believe everything
They believe and everything else is fake

They skewer our candidates without mercy
They slander deceive destroy and lie
We must look within our own ranks now
And do it with unblinking eyes

How far do you think our ideas are going to go
If everybody hangs their head in shame
Every time some scum bag pretend journalist
Calls you out and calls you names

It's not going to fade off or go away
If you ignore it long enough
We have to stand up and fight back
We have to get a back bone get tough

Not everything is a reasoned argument
Our side gets demeaned with an attitude
Too many nice guys think the answer is
To stand there and dribble out platitudes

Push it back push it down their throats
Hoist them up and hang them out to dry
Quit being surprised if they ambush you
Quit sheepishly meekly uttering

It's something you deny

Ask them
What is it they think they're doing
It's obvious it's not the truth
They're in anyway respecting or pursuing

That's just another path to grief
All it ever really means is we're the ones
Who are not supposed to have any core beliefs

Men and women have died for this freedom
I don't think it's too much to ask
For anyone to endure a bit of discomfort
When we put ourselves to the task

Men and women have lost limbs and eyes
In the name of honor and integrity
I don't think it's too much to ask
Leaders to show some mental agility

Quit being wusses and push overs
Quit slamming down harder on us than them
We need to throw out our losers
We need our vision bright not dim

5,000 people have been killed in Chicago
During the same time period of the Afghan War
I'm sick of some silly slop headed liberals
Telling me what I need and what

My guns are for

No more crossing the aisle
No more hand shakes and smiles
No more selling us out and saying
It's wonderful to stand in a steaming pile

No more middle of the road toads
No more whores keeping score by way of moderation
No more back stabber power grabbers
Undermining those who fight for our nation

Let me make this clear so no one
Misunderstands so there is no doubt
This isn't some lame positioning game
This is our Soul and lives we're talking about

7:55 pm
transcribed this time
12:37 am


Yeah I said a bad bad word

He's not Partisan
And Anderson Pooper isn't Queer
He's not lying and
Holds our Constitution dear

He's not a traitor
And wants our nation free
And it's not his fault
Anybody died in Behghazi

He's not spending too much
The debt is just too high
He guts our military but
Oh aren't those drones fun to fly

He wants all our guns
But gives Egypt F 16's
As the slobbering media
Pridefully knows what it means

To be more to the left
Than Pravda ever was
As they go to White Hut Dinners
To get a good buzz

Let's write love letters to Lenin
And all hail Brother Che
Communism never kills
Anybody is that what they say

Yeah..I said a bad bad word
And Brian Terry had to die
Because the gutless media
Just lets him lie and lie and lie

10:34 pm
transcribed this time
12:27 am
* posted up on Breitbart
The Rave the Fire the something
I'm sleeeeepy
*in  response to Oba's
Miss statement of the unsteady Union
A dress..


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Inevitability Con

Like it or not

Like it or not
You're gay as the day is long
Carney farts out your talking points
And here you are singing his song

Can't think for yourself
It's fate it's fate it's fate
It's all inevitable
It's all way too late

Ooooh you're so scary
With your infantile fatal predictions
Who taught you this non think style
Of withdrawn empty headed self constriction

You're a joke you're a loser
You're a baby in a dirty diaper
You need to clean off your psychic lens
With a 357 magnum windshield wiper

9:37 am
transcribed this time
11:52 am


Sunday, February 3, 2013

You're not trying to untie that Gordian
With an accordion are you

You're not a survivalist are you
You're not a gun nut
You don't go off the deep end do you
If somebody shows a display of bravery and guts

You're don't have PTSD do you
You're not a veteran who put it on the line
You're not an extreme right winger are you
Running obviously over the line

You're not Anti Abortionist are you
You're not a psycho Christian about the cross
Sayin Merry Christmas or God Bless you
Or one of them rednecks nicknamed Bubba or Hoss

You're not a racist are you
And think you're all cool cause you're white
You're not one of those equal opportunity
Not equal result kind of pervert thinkin that's right

You're not a lower taxes kinda guy are you
Sayin there's actually no such thing as government money
You're not one of those up tight hater types
Who doesn't think Bill Maher is geniusly funny

You're not a Tea Party crazy are you
Thinking John F'n Kerry Hillary and Hagel are fake
Just let me ask you this one thing
What difference does any of that make

It's not your turn anymore
Haven't you heard the news
The Constitution is a living document
It can mean anything we say it means

You're just confused

1:42 pm
yes that hagel
of the I hate bagels club...idiot
transcribed this time
1:43 pm


As if....

F'n A Holes
Yeah....that's right

I'm tired of rip offs
I'm tired of the scams
I'm tired of suicidal losers
Tell'n me who I am

If I don't do it
And only do it their way
They don't care if it works
Just do as they say

I'm tired of con jobs
I'm tired of sob stories
About how all the brave ILLEGALS
Are due all this glory

Like nobody's in a gang
Nobody does home invasions
Nobody does identity theft
Nobody's of a criminal persuasion

Because they're undocumented
They're just human beings
And there are no criminal felons
In our prisons to be seeing

As if leaf blowers are the new cross
And they all sacrifice so much
And if we can't all see that
Then it's US who are out of touch

A million billion times
In every word down to the letter
Why the Hell don't they
Make their own country better

No more bullshit and nonsense
No more self righteous blame
Needs to come at me or mine
Because of a ruse or a stinking game

That justifies cramming my nation
Up to it's chin in criminal situations
Drug cartels and Corruption
And don't you know your station

Don't come up here anymore
And if you're here get up and leave
No more psycho babble about
How much they'll grieve

We didn't cause their problems
We're not the only solution
Go back to Mexico City
The number one in world pollution

If you love them all so much
Go down there and donate your time
Reach inside your own damn pocket
And get your damn hand out of mine

12:11 pm
1:16 pm


The Parasites are dancing

The facts are
Whether you want to believe them are not
Said the little arrogant snit twit
Whose nose did heavily drip with snot

Al Queda is on the Run
There is no problem with the debt
BenGhazi is under investigation
We haven't found the killers yet

Brian Terry got himself killed
There's plenty of bean bags to go around
Fast And Furious had nothing to do with
What put him in the ground

Global warming is real
It is not a green scam sham
Solyndra is the answer
You just don't give a damn

We don't need a Keystone pipe line
We don't need to dig for oil
We don't need coal as an energy source
You're just rotten and spoiled

Food Stamps help the economy
As does extending benefits
Unions know all the answers
It's not like they're a bunch of idiots

The time for the US is over
We are on the decline
Accept it accept it accept
And first it starts with the mind

2:38 pm
transcribed this time
1:13 pm


Sunday, January 27, 2013


Jokes don't work anymore
This low life sonoffa bitch
Doesn't just have a different opinion
He's looking to make us kneel in a ditch

Self Defense draws near
This Monster has gone mad
There is no political room to move
This is all just low down bad

So prepare my children
Prepare your life and soul
This pretend man is here to deliver
Hard and bloody and cold

Keep your calm
And don't over react
And for damn sure don't
Announce you're jacked

The Time has come
The Hand has been dealt
Now we know how
Our Fore Fathers felt

They knew when
Pearl Harbor went down
That real courage and bravery called
For more than just standing around

911 has seared across our sky
Hell and Death has called our names
We either listen to our hearts
Or the lying deranged evil insane


A traitor has got his hand
On our military's throat
Every Night he consults
With the upright walking goat

We all see him now
He's in his full glory
It's payback time
And he's telling the story

But consider this I ask you
What is worth defending
And who is it here
Who is writting whose ending

12:13 am
transcribed this time
1:09 am


Monday, January 21, 2013

One Day

Blanco has written extensively about discovering his identity in the United States, and President Obama said his work celebrates "our nation's great diversity."



The Great Diversity
How cutting edge How cutting edge How cutting edge
How cutting edge How cutting edge How cutting edge

How daring
What a breath of fresh air
Oh what courage
Oh how he took that dare

To be proud of being Latino
And proud of being gay
And proud of speaking out
On such a wonderful day

On the swearing in of a president
Who manipulates and steals
Oh my God How cutting edge
What courage it took to face the real

Of Brian Terry's death
And Guns shipped to drug cartels
Oh my God How cutting edge
Oh yes oh my how wonderful and swell

How refreshing to find some one
On such a day
Who won't bother us about the debt
And how our children's children will have to pay

Who will praise our nations strength
And will openly exemplify being diverse
Who loves the precious precious children
And wouldn't parade an agenda in on a hearse

To rob law abiding citizens of their legal rights
To protect themselves from crime or tyranny
And treat our Constitution and the 2nd Amendment
As if it was some bump in the road technicality

One day real men with truth in their words
Will rise up and call it out in open light
About what are our great freedoms
For which so many have had to fight

On so many levels and so many days
Some have even had to bleed and die
Even as lesser men have cat called behind them
And told lie after lie after lie

One day we'll have a real president
And not some snot nosed arrogant twit
Who thinks because the press covers for him
He can do anything and get away with it

One day a poet given the opportunity
Would step up and with a pair roll the dice
Instead of middle of the road drop a load
And spew out something all stupid

Syrupy and Nice

8:43 pm

Blanco has written extensively about discovering his identity in the United States, and President Obama said his work celebrates "our nation's great diversity."
 Richard Blanco: First Latino, Gay Poet Delivers Inaugural Poem
(run your cursor over this next part or you can't see it)
transcribed this time
9:07 pm


Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Americans Killed

Brave young men
Killed in Benghazi

Who here thinks Obama gives a damn
About Algeria his silence is deafening
He's now back on the lamb

You can't get him to shut up
When it's about Americans with guns
But when it's Americans shot dead
Well it's going to take a while

To get any justice done

And what are the Republicans doing
I haven't heard a word
From any investigative committee
Seeking to lift wings with freedoms bird

Brian Terry is dead
As weapons go to drug cartels
And not one mention of that while
The 2nd Amendment is ripped to Hell

Who lately has been called
To sit to be sworn in to testify before
The Hearings on the murdered Ambassador
Lord forgive us if we upset Bills tired old whore

Lately it's all unprincipled
And unpatriotic I must say
Reagan must be turning over in his grave
Over and over each and every day

I'm sick of all this positioning
As if later we'll gain sway
And so called conservatives giving cover
As the commie dims keep getting their way

Whatever happened
To doing what's right
If you can't win the fight
You still must wage the fight

The debt is spinning out of control
Our hopes and dreams are being pinned
Everyone would be in jail
If this accounting was done

By anyone but government men

Bodies laid out
Theft rampant beyond belief
Lies Lies Lies and more Lies
And there seems to be no relief

Who on the inside
Is fighting for us
Where is the integrity
Fidelity and trust

Who on the inside
Is taking a stand
Who when truth is called for
Boldly raises their hand

Who remembers our wounded
Our fallen our dead
Who with grave humility
Respectfully bows their head

What sacrifices have been made
What oaths have been taken
Death before Dishonor
Leave none behind or forsaken

11:15 am
transcribed this time
11:42 am


Friday, January 18, 2013

Chris Christy Cream

Is a puff piece for the news
All he's about all he knows
Is what's good for me and you

Which of course means
More power for him
But it's only his chances
That are getting slim

His chances at appearing
Focused and concerned
His house of cards has collapsed
And is now completely burned

He's bombastic and loud
Not clear and bold
I don't like beach balls
And don't like the way they roll

When it's over me
And or the people I care for
When when we're talking about zeros
Why keep score

Fat Boy needs to shut up
Fat Boy needs to step back
When he's OK with my 2nd Amendment
Being under attack

10:59 am
transcribed this time
11:03 am


We Are The Cats

Here is a step in the right direction

There should be dead on the ground
There should be bodies layed out
There should be smoke in the air
And a move that leaves no doubt

That there will be vengeance
There will be justice applied
There will an accounting
For those Americans that died

And it will include the spilling of blood
The Islamic Jihad must be met with force
They must be met with no mercy
They must be dealt with as a matter of course

Helicopters and jets
Rockets and machine guns
Missiles and Drones flying about
The job that must get done

Extermination of the vermin
The cleaning out of rats
There is a plague loose on the land
And we are the cats

That can end this carnage
This destruction of civilization
They are here to make a Caliphate
Out of each and every nation

They need to be slaughtered
They need to blown apart
They are evil incarnate
They only have hate in their hearts

10:24 am
as pertains to the
taking of Algerian hostages
and their resulting murders
transcribed this time
10:33 am


Monday, January 14, 2013


It's a bunch of crazies obsessed about
Trying to take your right to self defense away
It's about a bunch self righteous smug arrogant
Nit Pick Half Wits deciding that you in no way get a say

And to Hell with the Constitutional 2nd Amendment
And whatever that unalienable rights junk is about
Only the police and military can have guns
Anybody else possessing them is cause for fear and doubt

Stupid Stupid so called average American citizens
Thinking it's because of the brave it's the home of the free
Should be condemned as should any family member
As regards to considering self preservation having any credibility

It's not a gun debate

It's a bunch of twisted freaks who keep tallking about deer
And why does anybody need ten rounds to kill one of them
There are psychos out their screaming into microphones
Who have their intellectual lights turned off or down to dim

Why does anyone need high capacity magazines
They don't so therefore neither should you either
Oh they'll so call compromise and take what they can get
But believe me they will never Never ever take a breather

Till you are completely helpless and defenseless
And down in a ditch apologizing for daring to disagree
That government alone should have all the power
And only when you have that boot on your neck will you see

That they alone know it all what's good and bad happy and sad
Individuals have caused all the grief that has gone on before
All the sheep and power mad sick little tyrants are pushing for
Everyone in that armed body guarded room behind closed doors

To get to take your damn guns away
Get to make you finally understand
You only have what rights the system allows
Though shalt have no gods before me

Sayeth The Government Man

9:51 pm

Monday, January 7, 2013

A gun grabbers tactics

Strawmen Strawmen
Are openly used
While a free thinking people
Are lied about and falsely accused


Oceans of emotions
You lay on it thick
But just like the song goes
You're thick as a brick

A good little statist
Pen in hand
Ready to turn in anybody
Who disagrees with the man

A twit and a jerk
A failure and a fraud
Who thinks government leaders
Are as good as gods

He mocks and laughs
Ridicules and demeans
Spews out talking points
And stirs up the scene

Take away the rights
Publish good citizens names
A boot licking sycophant
Is told who to blame

And he goes right at it
He flims and flams and flames
He's got it all figured out
Him and his broken brain

10:31 am

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Advise my liver

There is a storm coming
And soon it will be here
It will be all consuming for those
Who preached and practiced fear

Many will be killed
Stomped right into the ground
And they will probably die
Spouting off their utterly stupid sounds

Compromise Compromise Compromise
Stealing and lying are not corruption
Telling the truth and having core beliefs
Are the only things causing disruption

Ignorance and arrogance will scream
As fires reveal their endless lies
The pompous and the pontificating
Will of course go down thinking

They can still slip one by

They will simply switch sides
They can hide and imitate
They too can pretend to love freedom
After all honor and integrity

Are words anyone can regurgitate

10:39 am
* for those
who want to give advise
when they are actually against us

transcribed this time
12:48 pm