Tuesday, January 28, 2014

State of the Tyranny

No talk about victimization
No talk about the redistribution
No low level sewer talk
From the left and its non contributions

But now they are the enemy within
Spewing all their hatred and lies
Oh they have their megalomaniac
And they do it right before our eyes

We used to have a city on a hill
We used to have beliefs and dreams
We used to have leaders who led
And not with community organizer schemes

Monsters roam our land
And infections seek to destroy
They wish to take our promise
And use it as their toy

It's life and death nowadays
And one day the lids gonna blow
Because when it goes it goes
And the blood just flows

And flows

8:58 pm

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You know what

I don't care what the courts say
I don't care what the lawyers say
You ain't gonna take away my freedom
Or tell me what I can say in any way

I don't care about democrats
Or re-pukes dressing themselves up
And pretending to be conservative
But what they really are is corrupt

You want to go all tyrant on me
I will blow off your f*cking head
It's hard to continue being an oppressor
When you wake up dead

I'm sick of the lying and conniving
I'm sick of the endless fake flake smiles
No more cover ups and dismissiveness
It's twisted perverted diseased and vile

Lawlessness is running rampant
The Media is complicit as well
I'd like to knock out all their teeth
I'd like to send them all straight to HELL

9:33 am
transcribed this time
9:29 am


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

At your casket

Right in your face
Right in your sons face
Right dead on to your mom
They have no sense of disgrace

They are outright murderers
They are a sickening disease
The rules are for everybody else
They just do as they please

They spit on the brave
The wounded and the dead
They could give a damn less
You just go where you're led

They laugh mock and ridicule
They rob steal and plunder
They think there is no lightning
Going to strike amidst deadly thunder

12:25 pm
transcribed this time
5:32 pm


This Just in...

This just in from the head of the
Yo Bro Ho Mo Fo club

All white people should be enslaved
The Military especially are scum
America deserves to be punished
Dennis Rodman is not a bum

I never heard of Benghazi
Eric Holder did not run guns
All my vacations are cheap
And I've hardly ever had one

I do not lie
I do not cheat
This country is not in debt
I'm really not one of the elite

And the main stream press
Goes after me hard
It's not my fault ever
And I never ever never never

Play the race card

11:22 am
transcribed this time
5:24 pm


It is not a political move It is betrayl

It's not a political move
It's betrayl

OooRahhh Semper Fi

All my young wolves
All my old vets
Who stand tall and true
Without regret

For each other
And with each other
Baptized under fire
We are all brothers

We honor each one
We honor them all
Together we stand
And tyrants fall

The time is coming
It does draw near
Time to suck it up
Hold back the tears

And tear down the walls
Of ignorance and hate
To HELL with the enemy
It's not too late

To HELL with the enemy
Their arrogant lies
Together we face outward
With open eyes

To HELL with the enemy
That comes from without
We will kill them all
Without hesitation or doubt

To HELL with the enemy
That comes from within
This betrayl will also die
This treason will end

11:47 am
transcribed this time
5:17 pm