Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hollowing Out Our Military

We have a liar in chief
Cutting to the bone
And all to feed into corruption
To leave us standing alone

Naked and alone
Debt debt debt
He's destroying the best
And does not have one regret

Not enough for pensions
Not enough for decent pay
Reducing the number of actual shooters
To stand in harms way

In this dangerous world
Evil has taken notice of this
They do have the deadly intentions
To see that we no longer exist

The scum in our White House
Has his exit strategy planned
He will sacrifice any and all
Down to the last man

Strength and Honor
I love my brothers in arms
I will do what I must
To keep them from harm

This back stabbing is treason
They all think it's fun and games
Till they have blood on the line
Till they face death and pain


11:20 am

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Typical of Obama butt kissers

They don't care about your wife
They don't care about your military
They don't care if they take your life...

They don't care if it is your money
They don't care if it is your pride
They step on and over as long as they get
Their one long free ride

They don't care if this nation
Has been a nation of beaming light
They don't care what you think
They know that you will never be right

They don't care if you're a Christian
They don't care if you're a Jew
They'll tell you to your face
Oh hey there buddy screw you yeah you

They don't care about your health care
Just get in line and do what they say
And don't you dare to question them
You best just go on and get out of the way

They don't care if you know they are fanatics
They are true believers to their cause
They are without any morral grounding
And we better get down to

Tooth and Fang and Claw

Because baby they don't care

2:12 pm

transcribed this time
2:18 pm


Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Time Is Now

We must make the case for conservative thought
What is the message of our Right..
Not everything should be on the bidding block
We must stand for ourselves and fight

It's not if you can win the fight
It's if you are willing to fight to win
We don't need republican elitists
Telling us the mushy middle makes friends

There are vicious vile personal attacks
There is cherry picking and slander galore
They have nothing to encourage us
Only the sell out positions of a whore

No more no more no more
We want someone we can get behind
We want someone who isn't a bore
Someone with a Constitutional mind

Gut up put some steel in your backbone
Go for the one and only American Dream..
Let the real truth tellers know they're not alone
Let not our nation die for the one long

Silent scream

I will never apologize for calling a commie pig
A commie pig or any other name
If you think ripping my nation apart is your gig
I will not carry your no blame no shame

We're coming this time
And we're coming hard and fast and true
We don't need half wit nit pick slicksters
Just do what you say you'll do

We want our military strong
We want our borders locked down
We want our taxes lowered
We don't want any black panther clowns

Getting a free ride off the Attorney General
We don't want guns going to drug cartels
And if you kill one of our border guards
We want you on the short track to HELL

And don't you dare abandon our war fighters
Here at home or across the seas
This is the bottom line This the bottom line
This time it's freedom or tyranny

This time
It's you and me

10:54 am
transcribed this time
6:47 pm


Friday, February 14, 2014

No Nation Can Survive

With open borders
With wild endless spending sprees
But the only concerns some seem to have
Is coming after you and me

No more games no more politics
This is about right and wrong
Let us join together and help
Sing  this freedom song

Let it ring from the mountains
Let it ring from the rafters
Let us let it be fully known
What it is exactly we're after

We want our military respected
We want their color flying bright and bold
We want them to know we love them
Body mind and soul

We don't want any leaders
Who lead from behind
We don't need any slickster tricksters
Trying to keep us blind

No nation can survive

When only lies are repeatedly told
When constantly stabbed in the back
We must all follow our own callings
We must keep our lives on track

We must confront the evil
We must expose the appeasers
We must stand boldly with the truth
And not sell out people pleasers

We can draw courage from one another
We can learn and grow and learn
We can uplift each others heart
We can with fiery spirits burn

10:42 am
transcribed this time
10:48 am


Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Coming Down Around Us

Crime is running amok

But he's not an outlaw
He's a criminal out of control
He even tells nuns
They have no access to soul

There is no freedom of religion
I can do what I want to do
He thinks he has no boundaries
With total power he is imbued

The Constitution to him is a joke
He has a phone and a pen
There is no limit to his power
It's all about him

I'm sick of declarations
About who and when it failed
I don't want anymore indignation
I want somebody in Jail

They have no personal shame
They have totally gone corrupt
I want them doing hard time
I want them locked up

All this timidity and moderation
All these heads in the sand
It's not something I'm asking for
It's something I demand

Coddling criminal aliens
ROE's that get our guys killed
But all I ever hear about is how
The last vacation was such a thrill

The Border is wide open
No enforcement going on there
Money for the stinking illegals
But our jobs just vanish into thin air

Money money money
And they want more more more
The debt ceiling has been raised
To accomidate even the tallest whores

We will not drill for oil
We will not mine for coal
I have a pen and a phone
You sonsofbitches do what you're told

And accomidators step to the side
They keep putting off what's right
Next time next time next time
It's never time to fight

And some even have the damned nerve
To criticize the best of our kind
Who stand up for our values
Who openly boldly speak their minds

But enough is enough
Special Prosecutors get to work
Go after these liars con artists and thieves
Go after these smirking jerks

It's coming down around us
The river is going to flood
It's coming down to hard lines
It's coming down to blood

9:05 am
transcribed this time
9:21 am


Monday, February 10, 2014

Further Research Into The Blood Read Studies

Red Stars Jungle Trails
And shifting times

They were wearing proudly their new belt buckles
The ones with red stars as they walked down that jungle trail
We had gotten there early and laid out our claymores
Set up our L shaped ambush and when the time came

We did not fail

We clicked those clackers that sent those steel balls flying
We fired off our rifles and threw our grenades
They had believed their elders about Communism
But they had no idea of how or why it was made

It was made to oppress it was made to control
It was made to set up a few elitist to rule above all
We couldn't get to them at the moment all we could do
Was make those young bodies fall

With a blood red mist filling the air and deafening gun fire
We layed them low we blew their bodies and brains apart
We followed our Constitution We followed our plans
We followed our souls We followed our hearts

You can debate with words You can push back with writing
But sooner or later when it comes to fanatics and their evil harm
You have to set to with the ancient art of resistence by fighting
You have to stand up for the truth you have to oppose

With the force of arms

11:10 am
note of plausible deniability
no thought or intention of violence
encouraged or intended


Sunday, February 9, 2014


Is why they let in the Muslims
Who have terrorist ties
Power is why Obama gets away
With his outrageous lies

We are never ever to question
They all mean to do well
When they turn their thumb screws
And drag us all to Hell

Power is why we must let
Every stinking criminal alien in
We must be tolerant of Islam
And recognize Christianity as sin

They call their moves reform
They want to talk all nicey nice
But they don't care about the destruction
Their hearts are cold as ice

They can choose to not answer questions
And still make transparency claims
They can say their being insulted
While they play their stupid word games

Power is talking about shadows
When they push the children out front
And all we get from Bone Head Boehner
Is complicitness surrender and

The occasional punt


It's not about guns
It's about control
It's not about religion
It's about our ragged souls

Power is why they push health care
It's not about health at all
They don't want you to be polite
They want you to groveling crawl

It's the truth they say they want
As they tell us to bend over and cough
Power Power Power
The pigs all line up at the trough

Unconstitutional executive orders
Activist judges blocking the way
Dig up Brian Terry and kill him again
Lawlessness is the rule of the day

They laugh right in our faces
When we call their Communism out
They use the Just Us Department
To abuse to oppress repress

And make it only what they're about


Power Power Power
The enemy is inside the gate
It's time we all stood tall
And took into our own hands

Our fate

11:01 am
transcribed this time
12:22 pm