Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Obama sticks a fork in a babys head
The rest of his body is defiled
The crowd goes wild
The crowd goes wild

The military is weakened
Their moralle goes down down down
The crowds cheer and jeer
Jump up and down all over pay back town

Diplomats are murdered
Seals are set up to forsake
Benghazi was a long time ago
What difference does it make

Weapons are sent across the border
Directly to the drug cartels
A Border agent is killed
Oh well oh well and what the Hell

Illegals stream in with their
Diseases drugs and crime
Obama lets them go even when convicted
Here come the lies here comes the slime

Health care is a fraud
It's architect is caught in the act
Saying Americans are stupid
But still.....don't confuse me with facts

Ferguson is exploding
People are hurt businesses burned down
The Attorney General is celebrating
Along with all the race hustlers pimps and clowns

Our energy sources are blocked
Never mind jobs here's some stamps for food
And everytime that damned fool steps to the microphone
Isn't he always in a socio pathic arrogant mood

Join him all you want
You traitors thieves and whores
Your time is coming Your time is coming
And you have no idea

What's in store

10:32 am
transcribed this time
10:50 am


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