Sunday, May 11, 2014

Obama is at war

Obama is at war with Freedom
Obama is at war with the sane
Obama is at war with decency
And those who resist his inflicting pain

Obama is at war with the Navy
Obama is at war with the Marines
Obama absolutely hates alpha males
Obama is upon my homeland a stain

An insult to the sacrifices made
By the men and women gone before
Who have worked to make this nation great
Who worked to create a dynamic core

Of spirit knowledge and strength
That faced up to responsibilities
But now we all look around
And what do we see

Obama is at war
With women and Jesus himself
He's so in love with the Muslim Brotherhood
He can't really think of anything else

But playing golf
And partying on and on and on
Obama thinks he is a King
And we are but servant pawns

Obama is at war with economic sense
That's why he spends spends spends
Obama is at war with the truth
That's why his answers wears depends

Obama is at war with the American people
That's why he wants all our guns
Because sooner or later Genocide
With be the park ride he thinks

Is the most fun

9:15 am
transcribed this time
9:24 am


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