Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oh yeah...

Oh yeah...bash the Tea Party
Great idea....

We need more moderates
We need more compromise
We need to prove we don't hate
We need to work with those who lie

We need to be manipulated
By the Media and Dims
We need to think they're brilliant
Who ever suggests that we cave in

We must not fight to win
We must try to lose a little less
We must stick with surface issues
And just stir around the mess

Rino's sell us out
The Mushy Middle calls
But Boehners leadership problem
Is not that he has big balls

The elites bargain and trade
Offer us up their best advise
Like they give a damn about conservatism
They always tell us to think twice

About being too passionate
When it comes to God
The Democrats denounced him three times
Now who's the hypocrites and frauds

The pretenders want us to drop
The Social Issues to the bottom of the well
Like there are no modern corollaries between
Sodom and Gomorrah and Hell

Abortion is just too touchy
Controversy is a bad bad thing
Innocent life should be hung out there
On a prayer and a wing

The Military needs to be cut
What an insane thought
Ovomit panders to the Muslim Brotherhood
So they don't get over wrought

Thank God we've been saved
By the Arab Spring
Let's sweep Behghazi under the rug
And see what wonderfulness that brings

We need to reach out to LATINOS
Maybe give more guns to drug cartels
Everybody sucks up to Eric Holder
Like he has them under a spell

But some of us don't
Time to get Priorities straight
I for one am not awaiting permission
From a bunch of wussies at the gate

10:35 am
transcribed this time
11:39 am


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blind Dates Destiny and Fate

The Compromise
and Bi-partisan ship will take a leak on you

We should all work together
It all sounds so cozy and nice
It all doesn't sound like it comes
From those with souls as cold as ice

Compromise with the devil
Compromise with evil itself
No thanks..I think I got more
Respect for myself

Than to go along with a bunch
Of Communists pussies and whores
You agree to go out on another
Blind date when the last time

They brought out Michael Moore

7:21 pm
transcribed this time
10:23 am


Thursday, November 22, 2012

You think you're gonna slide in here

And bamboozle a bunch of us country boys
You think you can talk all that mumbo jumbo
And proceed to treat us like your toys

You can flash all that brash trash talk
And lip flip all those figures around
But we know what it takes to make
A living come up out of the ground

Hey buddy you think we're your garden
You think we don't know how Bull Sh*t smells
You ain't nuthin but a snake oil salesman
With all kind of city sick slick ways to sell

But what say you me and Bubba
Go a little further out in the sticks
C'mon don't you worry none
Sides it's just a couple of hicks

Maybe you could buy our land out
From under us bein you so paper smart
Geez mister maybe we uns could work
For you we'd be happys to do our part

But first we need your opinion over here
Check out these old abandoned mines
Check out these old unworked wells
You might be a surprised what you find

Or if we thought you even had an ounce
Of decency in ya past that mouth breathin sass
We might be just give you an Okie beat down
You know just seriously whup your ass

Instead of leave you some place for the crows
Leave ya for the coyotes and such
Some of us are gitten a might tired
Of you treatin us like we's touched

You act like we ain't got no families
You act like we ain't fought in no wars
Or know what common sense is
Or what right and good things are for

You best be check yourself
Turn yourself over a new leaf
Really your ideas sound stupid enough
With out spitin them out through broken teeth

9:01 pm

Yes he did

Obama killed a child today

Beat him to death
Right before the camera's eye
A special came out on CBS
That said this was obviously a lie

10:03 am
transcribed this time
9:44 pm


Today's idiot

(some idiot on a chat board)

Is an example of what the dimocrats have come to
They are essentially suicidally confrontational
Their arguments have become obsessive and fixed
They seek in their minds to become sensational

But all they know are their circular arguments
And a bunch of low down dirty tricks

They provoke and joke and stroke and poke
But they seek no solutions to the mess
And if you question them deeply and thoroughly
They go right to playing why don't you guess


They're immensely proud of them selves
Anything can be to them a reaffirmation
If you don't go along with their out of tune song
It's back to treachery deceit and obfuscation

They're insane crazy and completely dedicated
To over talking you and getting in the last word
Figuring out what to do with what they put out
Is like trying to figure how to

Pick up the clean end of a turd

10:42 pm
transcribed this time
9:42 pm


Oh oh oh

Oh my god
We're talking about Blacks

Anything short of groveling and crawling
Is tantamount to wanting to hang blackie on a tree
Anything less than apologies and weeping
Is a slap in the face of racial equality

Give me my forty mules and an acre
Give me my reparations
Everything I say is right
Even if it destroys this nation

There is not enough time and money
To make a racialist quit the con
It's just so bloody well damned easy
To simply play the victim and act all put upon

10:12 pm
transcribed this time
9:37 pm


Everything I'm thinking is banned

Everything I'm thinking is against the rules
Of course all the insane games coming at us
Were prearranged by a bunch of murderous fools

Sociopaths are on the loose
The stupid back them up to the core
Everyone is selling out
Sodom and Gomorrah is sending out whores

And it doesn't have a thing to do about sex
It's money and power and more and more power
They love dancing to the prelude of Armageddon
They bask in the final days and precious few hours

Bravery and courage are openly mocked
Pretenders and hollow men seek the throne
The only thing allowed in the home
Are the bones of those who died alone

This is no joke
All we have left is our death
No one will rally around our final words
No one will bend down to share our last breath

Children are slaughtered for propaganda
And the media stands mute as if made of stone
They do not know they are culpable
They exalt and raise up what they condone

They will never admit to their guilt
They feast off the blood of the lamb
Only when the swords of Angels
Are raised above them will they know who I am

I saw the sky full of fire
I saw the rivers run red
I saw the world grow cold and dark
But I never saw my brother turn his head

I have fought with the best
We did it when there was nobody else
We all took the same oath
Even if the only one left

I will do it by myself

9:35 pm
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9:35 pm


Friday, November 16, 2012

Blah blah blah

Oh I get it

You're a dangerous dumb ass
You're brain washed through and through
But aren't you ever so clever when
You kiss that mirror in front of you

Hey here's a suggestion
Suck it loser suck it to the bone
You slandering dimwits wouldn't know
A Brave soldier if one came home

And loved his family and friends
And believed in freedom and liberty too
Yep you're that kind of mindless idiot
That thinks it's all about you

You have no shame only arrogance
Your first intellectual love is word games
You just want to win the talk talk
You don't care about honor death and pain

You're willingly a dullard braying on
Into the cold dead night that is your mind
You're as charming as a dog licking up vomit
And a complete and total waste of time

1:12 am
this one is to some squat bug
who mocks and ridicules to support
yeah...really support john fairy kerry
for defense secretary..maybe
hanoi jane could be his conciliator
transcribed this time
2:06 am


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sometimes when a line is crossed

Some times
When a line is crossed

A silent vow is taken
I will not leave my brother warriors
Alone abandoned and forsaken

Take from me all you want
But it will only be after what I've done
I will lift up on a war birds wings
And come screaming out of the sun

I will not take this lying down
Unless it's to steady my aim
Redistribute this Redistribute that
How about redistribute the pain

I spit in the face of tyranny
I have no respect and mercy anymore
I've always been able to see death coming
But they've forgotten it's a two way door

11:31 am
standard plausible deniability
line applies here
transcribed this time
1:35 pm


Main Slime Media Observations

Most Americans Want Tax Cuts Extended

So What
They're all racists anyway
Just read the dribble scribble news
They'll enlighten you to the way

That life goes now-a-days
Ben Ghazi gets a yawn
But General Petraeus's penis     
Has them working dusk to dawn

1:31 pm

Monday, November 12, 2012

Destiny and Eternity

Destiny calls from the great halls
Eternity personally calls your name

They have to have an enemy
And we are their whipping boy
They have to have somebody to blame
Somebody to destroy

Because their ideas don't work
That's why they depend on lies
That's why they rely on a compliant press
To not open any eyes

A Border Agent is murdered
And they talk Lance Armstrong
Only the sublime slime Press gets to determine
What is right or wrong

Six Trillion is thrown away
Roe's kill Marines in Afghanistan
And suddenly Cindy Sheehan
Is no longer taking her lunatic stand

The housing market takes a crap
Solyndra crashes and burns
But still there is no problem
Nothing to be learned

The Health care business is Socialized
And Medicare cut to the bone
And they tell everybody don't worry
China will keep giving us loans

Our ratings drop like a stone
The Middle East is blowing up
An Ambassador is raped and killed
But nothing is all that corrupt

The Seals fight to the death
It's all under investigation
So this is how you kill a people
This is how you destroy a nation

But I'm not taking any advice
From compromise whores and sell outs
They can spin it all they want
But they won't sow in me any doubts

They mock Freedom of Religion
But for Muslims go through contortions
They spit in Catholics' face
And say you will pay for abortion

They are coming for our guns
They are coming for our souls
The only thing tyranny ever wants
Is complete and total control

They seek to divide and conquer
They whisper accuse and alledge
They seek to isolate and intimidate
They seek to drive in a wedge

They do not debate ideas
They seek to destroy credibility and careers
They prefer an electorate numb and dumb
It's easier to rule by fear rather than being clear

I see ruthless lying and conniving
I see traitors murderers and thieves
I see a thousand million reasons
As to why my own country I should leave

But I will not
Be run off by punks and pawns
I would not want to miss
The new coming red dawn

Blood red in the Morning
Blood red come the night
Blood red read the entrails
And says oh yeah it's going

To be one Helleva fight

12:33 pm
12:58 pm