Monday, October 13, 2014

How will this.....

Kurds stand ready to fight to the death
For their freedom and their very lives
How will this affect Obama...
Will his power grow and thrive

Ferguson burns
While rioters loot rob and steal
How will this affect Obama
Will he lose his all important appeal

Isis cuts off another Americans head
And as he dies writhing in pain
The first press question asked is
Will this interfere with Obama's golf game

Ebola looms and threatens
To run loose and wild
How will this affect Obama
Will he by slander be defiled

How dare anyone criticize Obama
While he is the sitting president
How dare they write books
Without his personal consent

Just because military men suggest
Other plans concerning our national security
How can we even consider closing the border
If this is indeed the Land of the Free

Obama proclaims it's work place violence
So that ends the terrorist discussion
How will this affect Obama
Will there be more willy nilly silly

Fightin and fussin

How will this affect Obama
This should be our primary focus and concern
According to the Lame Stream Press
As they deign to teach us what we should learn

Our military's preparedness
Our economic welfare Our national borders
Who holds the worlds wisdom
If not a main stream reporter

Five Terrorists for Bergdahl the traitor
While our Marine languished in a Mexican Jail
How will this affect Obama
He must not be seen to ever fail

What happens to the US
To us to our lives our dreams and plans
How does this affect Obama
Well as they say in the South

Frankly my dear
I don't give a Damn

12:02 pm
* transcribed this time
9:29 am