Monday, June 9, 2014

President Wee Wee

In a desperate move of
Brilliance and degeneracy
Has come to deliver us all
From the perils of the open sea

No more Jesus and sailors
Only golf and the music of JZ
Such an intelligent delusional
Decision made for you and me

He knows what is best
He has Beyonce's blessing as well
This and the Muslim Brotherhood
Will save us all from the ravages of Hell

Releasing the Taliband
Emptying Gitmo's cells
He knows the end of the story
And it's only one he can tell

If more soldiers have to die
So be the world of mystical fate
To have heard and disagree
Is only because of a personal hate

Such beauty and insight
The Healers must also stand down
We must keep in mind our priorities
First and foremost is the crown

Of the one who knows
The one true way
We are all being transformed
For now comes the final day

When all will be judged
When all will be seen simple and clear
Sacrifices must be made
We must be able to surrender what is dear

To ascend to the new heights
It can all be done through hope and change
Believe Believe Believe
Give yourself over to the pain

President Wee Wee
Has come to cleanse us
We must give ourselves over
We must we must we must

In him lies our salvation
In him lives

The great liberating trust

10:16 am
transcribed this time
11:59 am


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