Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Taliban Slaughters

The Taliban slaughters
140 kids in a school

This is who Hillary Clinton thinks we ought
To be empathetic with she's such a fool

But it seems quite popular nowadays
Yes it seems to be the trend
That we should all treat Monsters
As if they were our friends

It is not merely another view point
It can only be decadence itself
That wouldn't do everything in its power
To stop this from happening to anyone else

Humanity is on the brink
The world is in tumult trouble and toil
Yet here in the bastion of freedom
We have elites beyond the pale and spoiled

Who want to make policy
As though it's all an intellectual game
We need to protect the innocents
But who they want to protect is insane

They have no common sense
They have no real compassion
They have no heart for survival
They wear their lack of standards as a fashion

Do not become numb to these monsters
Or give their supporters any slack
For surely you are selling out civilization
And stabbing every good man and woman

In the back

10:04 am
transcribed this time
11:33 am


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