Friday, June 6, 2014

I am not going to withhold judgment

Obama released mass murderers
Men are dying in the VA
Bergdahl should be shot
Obama is playing golf almost everyday

Searching patrolling rescuers
Patriotic soldiers ended up dead
Hagel doesn't even know this
Or at least that's what he said

But he tells Bergdahls parents
The American military has their back
What a heartless cold old bastard
What a used up worthless hack

Obama is  touring Europe
The most deceitful man alive
Also the most dishonest and shameless
I'm sick of his shuck and jive

The Republican Elitists
Offer no alternative view from the right
All this corruption right in front of our faces
And not one damned conviction in sight

I'm not going to withhold judgment
All I keep hearing is they're trying
Meanwhile we keep paying the price
Meanwhile our bravest and best

Do the dying

Where is the hanging rope
Where are the guillotines
I personally think these are what it takes
For these sons of bitches

To understand what we mean

3:22 pm
*D Day
Men did not fight ..and die
to have some damned tyrant
commie sell us down the river

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