Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lady Liberty Lifts Her Lamp

Arlington stands quiet at break of day
The First and Second Amendment are here
So that each and every one of us may have a say


Stomp their guts out
Do it with a smile
Kick their butts about
And do it with some style

It's time we took a stand
It's time to grow a spine
It's time to not compromise
It is time to draw the line


When are we going to stop tossing soft balls
When are we going to quit rising above
When are we going to quit giving away it all
And wanting from the prime time slime

A small bit of love

They're never going to play fair
They'll never give anybody a break
That doesn't slavishly believe everything
They believe and everything else is fake

They skewer our candidates without mercy
They slander deceive destroy and lie
We must look within our own ranks now
And do it with unblinking eyes

How far do you think our ideas are going to go
If everybody hangs their head in shame
Every time some scum bag pretend journalist
Calls you out and calls you names

It's not going to fade off or go away
If you ignore it long enough
We have to stand up and fight back
We have to get a back bone get tough

Not everything is a reasoned argument
Our side gets demeaned with an attitude
Too many nice guys think the answer is
To stand there and dribble out platitudes

Push it back push it down their throats
Hoist them up and hang them out to dry
Quit being surprised if they ambush you
Quit sheepishly meekly uttering

It's something you deny

Ask them
What is it they think they're doing
It's obvious it's not the truth
They're in anyway respecting or pursuing

That's just another path to grief
All it ever really means is we're the ones
Who are not supposed to have any core beliefs

Men and women have died for this freedom
I don't think it's too much to ask
For anyone to endure a bit of discomfort
When we put ourselves to the task

Men and women have lost limbs and eyes
In the name of honor and integrity
I don't think it's too much to ask
Leaders to show some mental agility

Quit being wusses and push overs
Quit slamming down harder on us than them
We need to throw out our losers
We need our vision bright not dim

5,000 people have been killed in Chicago
During the same time period of the Afghan War
I'm sick of some silly slop headed liberals
Telling me what I need and what

My guns are for

No more crossing the aisle
No more hand shakes and smiles
No more selling us out and saying
It's wonderful to stand in a steaming pile

No more middle of the road toads
No more whores keeping score by way of moderation
No more back stabber power grabbers
Undermining those who fight for our nation

Let me make this clear so no one
Misunderstands so there is no doubt
This isn't some lame positioning game
This is our Soul and lives we're talking about

7:55 pm
transcribed this time
12:37 am


Yeah I said a bad bad word

He's not Partisan
And Anderson Pooper isn't Queer
He's not lying and
Holds our Constitution dear

He's not a traitor
And wants our nation free
And it's not his fault
Anybody died in Behghazi

He's not spending too much
The debt is just too high
He guts our military but
Oh aren't those drones fun to fly

He wants all our guns
But gives Egypt F 16's
As the slobbering media
Pridefully knows what it means

To be more to the left
Than Pravda ever was
As they go to White Hut Dinners
To get a good buzz

Let's write love letters to Lenin
And all hail Brother Che
Communism never kills
Anybody is that what they say

Yeah..I said a bad bad word
And Brian Terry had to die
Because the gutless media
Just lets him lie and lie and lie

10:34 pm
transcribed this time
12:27 am
* posted up on Breitbart
The Rave the Fire the something
I'm sleeeeepy
*in  response to Oba's
Miss statement of the unsteady Union
A dress..


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Inevitability Con

Like it or not

Like it or not
You're gay as the day is long
Carney farts out your talking points
And here you are singing his song

Can't think for yourself
It's fate it's fate it's fate
It's all inevitable
It's all way too late

Ooooh you're so scary
With your infantile fatal predictions
Who taught you this non think style
Of withdrawn empty headed self constriction

You're a joke you're a loser
You're a baby in a dirty diaper
You need to clean off your psychic lens
With a 357 magnum windshield wiper

9:37 am
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11:52 am


Sunday, February 3, 2013

You're not trying to untie that Gordian
With an accordion are you

You're not a survivalist are you
You're not a gun nut
You don't go off the deep end do you
If somebody shows a display of bravery and guts

You're don't have PTSD do you
You're not a veteran who put it on the line
You're not an extreme right winger are you
Running obviously over the line

You're not Anti Abortionist are you
You're not a psycho Christian about the cross
Sayin Merry Christmas or God Bless you
Or one of them rednecks nicknamed Bubba or Hoss

You're not a racist are you
And think you're all cool cause you're white
You're not one of those equal opportunity
Not equal result kind of pervert thinkin that's right

You're not a lower taxes kinda guy are you
Sayin there's actually no such thing as government money
You're not one of those up tight hater types
Who doesn't think Bill Maher is geniusly funny

You're not a Tea Party crazy are you
Thinking John F'n Kerry Hillary and Hagel are fake
Just let me ask you this one thing
What difference does any of that make

It's not your turn anymore
Haven't you heard the news
The Constitution is a living document
It can mean anything we say it means

You're just confused

1:42 pm
yes that hagel
of the I hate bagels club...idiot
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1:43 pm


As if....

F'n A Holes
Yeah....that's right

I'm tired of rip offs
I'm tired of the scams
I'm tired of suicidal losers
Tell'n me who I am

If I don't do it
And only do it their way
They don't care if it works
Just do as they say

I'm tired of con jobs
I'm tired of sob stories
About how all the brave ILLEGALS
Are due all this glory

Like nobody's in a gang
Nobody does home invasions
Nobody does identity theft
Nobody's of a criminal persuasion

Because they're undocumented
They're just human beings
And there are no criminal felons
In our prisons to be seeing

As if leaf blowers are the new cross
And they all sacrifice so much
And if we can't all see that
Then it's US who are out of touch

A million billion times
In every word down to the letter
Why the Hell don't they
Make their own country better

No more bullshit and nonsense
No more self righteous blame
Needs to come at me or mine
Because of a ruse or a stinking game

That justifies cramming my nation
Up to it's chin in criminal situations
Drug cartels and Corruption
And don't you know your station

Don't come up here anymore
And if you're here get up and leave
No more psycho babble about
How much they'll grieve

We didn't cause their problems
We're not the only solution
Go back to Mexico City
The number one in world pollution

If you love them all so much
Go down there and donate your time
Reach inside your own damn pocket
And get your damn hand out of mine

12:11 pm
1:16 pm


The Parasites are dancing

The facts are
Whether you want to believe them are not
Said the little arrogant snit twit
Whose nose did heavily drip with snot

Al Queda is on the Run
There is no problem with the debt
BenGhazi is under investigation
We haven't found the killers yet

Brian Terry got himself killed
There's plenty of bean bags to go around
Fast And Furious had nothing to do with
What put him in the ground

Global warming is real
It is not a green scam sham
Solyndra is the answer
You just don't give a damn

We don't need a Keystone pipe line
We don't need to dig for oil
We don't need coal as an energy source
You're just rotten and spoiled

Food Stamps help the economy
As does extending benefits
Unions know all the answers
It's not like they're a bunch of idiots

The time for the US is over
We are on the decline
Accept it accept it accept
And first it starts with the mind

2:38 pm
transcribed this time
1:13 pm