Monday, February 10, 2014

Further Research Into The Blood Read Studies

Red Stars Jungle Trails
And shifting times

They were wearing proudly their new belt buckles
The ones with red stars as they walked down that jungle trail
We had gotten there early and laid out our claymores
Set up our L shaped ambush and when the time came

We did not fail

We clicked those clackers that sent those steel balls flying
We fired off our rifles and threw our grenades
They had believed their elders about Communism
But they had no idea of how or why it was made

It was made to oppress it was made to control
It was made to set up a few elitist to rule above all
We couldn't get to them at the moment all we could do
Was make those young bodies fall

With a blood red mist filling the air and deafening gun fire
We layed them low we blew their bodies and brains apart
We followed our Constitution We followed our plans
We followed our souls We followed our hearts

You can debate with words You can push back with writing
But sooner or later when it comes to fanatics and their evil harm
You have to set to with the ancient art of resistence by fighting
You have to stand up for the truth you have to oppose

With the force of arms

11:10 am
note of plausible deniability
no thought or intention of violence
encouraged or intended


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