Monday, March 10, 2014

I will not....back up

I am a Conservative..

I will not back up the lesser of two evils again.

We haven't even chose a candidate for the Republican
as pertains to running for President of the United States..
And I already hear the Horse Race Crap...
The name calling...I'm supposedly a extremist
a blah blah blah blah

It's even happening in the polls and on Fox..
No more No more No more

This is the time of values and beliefs
NOT go along with me or I'm the one causing grief

We've already had two damned
So called moderate candidates



I will not back up the lesser of two evils again
We need a big tent..and it had better be a conservative tent.

All are welcome on the Freedom Wagon
All are welcome at the Freedom Ball
All are welcome All are welcome
Come one Come all

But No More do you get our vote for free
No more will you push us to follow blindly
You can barely hold back your looks of contempt
As we mention to you a bold step at an attempt

To bring back America from the brink
It's time to look deep to really think
We are in danger here at home
The left will leave us all standing alone

The Blame America first crowd has us at risk
Russia China North Korea The entire Middle East..
It is truly a dangerous world
Appeasement and ignorance has released the Beast..

It is time the elitist and RINOs stood aside
It is time to retire their ignorant pride
We stand at the cross roads of a time
Where true patriotism is portrayed as a crime

We want a true conservative
We will accept no amnesty no matter its form
You will not bend or break us
We will not conform

We want true conservatism expressed
In a vision inspirational and clear
Who boldly represent the American Dream
With out timidity or fear

I am a Conservative..

And I take this vow freely and without reservation

I will not back up the lesser of two evils again.


10:19 am
transcribed this time
19:26 am


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