Friday, February 14, 2014

No Nation Can Survive

With open borders
With wild endless spending sprees
But the only concerns some seem to have
Is coming after you and me

No more games no more politics
This is about right and wrong
Let us join together and help
Sing  this freedom song

Let it ring from the mountains
Let it ring from the rafters
Let us let it be fully known
What it is exactly we're after

We want our military respected
We want their color flying bright and bold
We want them to know we love them
Body mind and soul

We don't want any leaders
Who lead from behind
We don't need any slickster tricksters
Trying to keep us blind

No nation can survive

When only lies are repeatedly told
When constantly stabbed in the back
We must all follow our own callings
We must keep our lives on track

We must confront the evil
We must expose the appeasers
We must stand boldly with the truth
And not sell out people pleasers

We can draw courage from one another
We can learn and grow and learn
We can uplift each others heart
We can with fiery spirits burn

10:42 am
transcribed this time
10:48 am


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