Sunday, January 27, 2013


Jokes don't work anymore
This low life sonoffa bitch
Doesn't just have a different opinion
He's looking to make us kneel in a ditch

Self Defense draws near
This Monster has gone mad
There is no political room to move
This is all just low down bad

So prepare my children
Prepare your life and soul
This pretend man is here to deliver
Hard and bloody and cold

Keep your calm
And don't over react
And for damn sure don't
Announce you're jacked

The Time has come
The Hand has been dealt
Now we know how
Our Fore Fathers felt

They knew when
Pearl Harbor went down
That real courage and bravery called
For more than just standing around

911 has seared across our sky
Hell and Death has called our names
We either listen to our hearts
Or the lying deranged evil insane


A traitor has got his hand
On our military's throat
Every Night he consults
With the upright walking goat

We all see him now
He's in his full glory
It's payback time
And he's telling the story

But consider this I ask you
What is worth defending
And who is it here
Who is writting whose ending

12:13 am
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1:09 am


Monday, January 21, 2013

One Day

Blanco has written extensively about discovering his identity in the United States, and President Obama said his work celebrates "our nation's great diversity."



The Great Diversity
How cutting edge How cutting edge How cutting edge
How cutting edge How cutting edge How cutting edge

How daring
What a breath of fresh air
Oh what courage
Oh how he took that dare

To be proud of being Latino
And proud of being gay
And proud of speaking out
On such a wonderful day

On the swearing in of a president
Who manipulates and steals
Oh my God How cutting edge
What courage it took to face the real

Of Brian Terry's death
And Guns shipped to drug cartels
Oh my God How cutting edge
Oh yes oh my how wonderful and swell

How refreshing to find some one
On such a day
Who won't bother us about the debt
And how our children's children will have to pay

Who will praise our nations strength
And will openly exemplify being diverse
Who loves the precious precious children
And wouldn't parade an agenda in on a hearse

To rob law abiding citizens of their legal rights
To protect themselves from crime or tyranny
And treat our Constitution and the 2nd Amendment
As if it was some bump in the road technicality

One day real men with truth in their words
Will rise up and call it out in open light
About what are our great freedoms
For which so many have had to fight

On so many levels and so many days
Some have even had to bleed and die
Even as lesser men have cat called behind them
And told lie after lie after lie

One day we'll have a real president
And not some snot nosed arrogant twit
Who thinks because the press covers for him
He can do anything and get away with it

One day a poet given the opportunity
Would step up and with a pair roll the dice
Instead of middle of the road drop a load
And spew out something all stupid

Syrupy and Nice

8:43 pm

Blanco has written extensively about discovering his identity in the United States, and President Obama said his work celebrates "our nation's great diversity."
 Richard Blanco: First Latino, Gay Poet Delivers Inaugural Poem
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9:07 pm


Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Americans Killed

Brave young men
Killed in Benghazi

Who here thinks Obama gives a damn
About Algeria his silence is deafening
He's now back on the lamb

You can't get him to shut up
When it's about Americans with guns
But when it's Americans shot dead
Well it's going to take a while

To get any justice done

And what are the Republicans doing
I haven't heard a word
From any investigative committee
Seeking to lift wings with freedoms bird

Brian Terry is dead
As weapons go to drug cartels
And not one mention of that while
The 2nd Amendment is ripped to Hell

Who lately has been called
To sit to be sworn in to testify before
The Hearings on the murdered Ambassador
Lord forgive us if we upset Bills tired old whore

Lately it's all unprincipled
And unpatriotic I must say
Reagan must be turning over in his grave
Over and over each and every day

I'm sick of all this positioning
As if later we'll gain sway
And so called conservatives giving cover
As the commie dims keep getting their way

Whatever happened
To doing what's right
If you can't win the fight
You still must wage the fight

The debt is spinning out of control
Our hopes and dreams are being pinned
Everyone would be in jail
If this accounting was done

By anyone but government men

Bodies laid out
Theft rampant beyond belief
Lies Lies Lies and more Lies
And there seems to be no relief

Who on the inside
Is fighting for us
Where is the integrity
Fidelity and trust

Who on the inside
Is taking a stand
Who when truth is called for
Boldly raises their hand

Who remembers our wounded
Our fallen our dead
Who with grave humility
Respectfully bows their head

What sacrifices have been made
What oaths have been taken
Death before Dishonor
Leave none behind or forsaken

11:15 am
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11:42 am


Friday, January 18, 2013

Chris Christy Cream

Is a puff piece for the news
All he's about all he knows
Is what's good for me and you

Which of course means
More power for him
But it's only his chances
That are getting slim

His chances at appearing
Focused and concerned
His house of cards has collapsed
And is now completely burned

He's bombastic and loud
Not clear and bold
I don't like beach balls
And don't like the way they roll

When it's over me
And or the people I care for
When when we're talking about zeros
Why keep score

Fat Boy needs to shut up
Fat Boy needs to step back
When he's OK with my 2nd Amendment
Being under attack

10:59 am
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11:03 am


We Are The Cats

Here is a step in the right direction

There should be dead on the ground
There should be bodies layed out
There should be smoke in the air
And a move that leaves no doubt

That there will be vengeance
There will be justice applied
There will an accounting
For those Americans that died

And it will include the spilling of blood
The Islamic Jihad must be met with force
They must be met with no mercy
They must be dealt with as a matter of course

Helicopters and jets
Rockets and machine guns
Missiles and Drones flying about
The job that must get done

Extermination of the vermin
The cleaning out of rats
There is a plague loose on the land
And we are the cats

That can end this carnage
This destruction of civilization
They are here to make a Caliphate
Out of each and every nation

They need to be slaughtered
They need to blown apart
They are evil incarnate
They only have hate in their hearts

10:24 am
as pertains to the
taking of Algerian hostages
and their resulting murders
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10:33 am


Monday, January 14, 2013


It's a bunch of crazies obsessed about
Trying to take your right to self defense away
It's about a bunch self righteous smug arrogant
Nit Pick Half Wits deciding that you in no way get a say

And to Hell with the Constitutional 2nd Amendment
And whatever that unalienable rights junk is about
Only the police and military can have guns
Anybody else possessing them is cause for fear and doubt

Stupid Stupid so called average American citizens
Thinking it's because of the brave it's the home of the free
Should be condemned as should any family member
As regards to considering self preservation having any credibility

It's not a gun debate

It's a bunch of twisted freaks who keep tallking about deer
And why does anybody need ten rounds to kill one of them
There are psychos out their screaming into microphones
Who have their intellectual lights turned off or down to dim

Why does anyone need high capacity magazines
They don't so therefore neither should you either
Oh they'll so call compromise and take what they can get
But believe me they will never Never ever take a breather

Till you are completely helpless and defenseless
And down in a ditch apologizing for daring to disagree
That government alone should have all the power
And only when you have that boot on your neck will you see

That they alone know it all what's good and bad happy and sad
Individuals have caused all the grief that has gone on before
All the sheep and power mad sick little tyrants are pushing for
Everyone in that armed body guarded room behind closed doors

To get to take your damn guns away
Get to make you finally understand
You only have what rights the system allows
Though shalt have no gods before me

Sayeth The Government Man

9:51 pm

Monday, January 7, 2013

A gun grabbers tactics

Strawmen Strawmen
Are openly used
While a free thinking people
Are lied about and falsely accused


Oceans of emotions
You lay on it thick
But just like the song goes
You're thick as a brick

A good little statist
Pen in hand
Ready to turn in anybody
Who disagrees with the man

A twit and a jerk
A failure and a fraud
Who thinks government leaders
Are as good as gods

He mocks and laughs
Ridicules and demeans
Spews out talking points
And stirs up the scene

Take away the rights
Publish good citizens names
A boot licking sycophant
Is told who to blame

And he goes right at it
He flims and flams and flames
He's got it all figured out
Him and his broken brain

10:31 am

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Advise my liver

There is a storm coming
And soon it will be here
It will be all consuming for those
Who preached and practiced fear

Many will be killed
Stomped right into the ground
And they will probably die
Spouting off their utterly stupid sounds

Compromise Compromise Compromise
Stealing and lying are not corruption
Telling the truth and having core beliefs
Are the only things causing disruption

Ignorance and arrogance will scream
As fires reveal their endless lies
The pompous and the pontificating
Will of course go down thinking

They can still slip one by

They will simply switch sides
They can hide and imitate
They too can pretend to love freedom
After all honor and integrity

Are words anyone can regurgitate

10:39 am
* for those
who want to give advise
when they are actually against us

transcribed this time
12:48 pm