Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Time Is Now

We must make the case for conservative thought
What is the message of our Right..
Not everything should be on the bidding block
We must stand for ourselves and fight

It's not if you can win the fight
It's if you are willing to fight to win
We don't need republican elitists
Telling us the mushy middle makes friends

There are vicious vile personal attacks
There is cherry picking and slander galore
They have nothing to encourage us
Only the sell out positions of a whore

No more no more no more
We want someone we can get behind
We want someone who isn't a bore
Someone with a Constitutional mind

Gut up put some steel in your backbone
Go for the one and only American Dream..
Let the real truth tellers know they're not alone
Let not our nation die for the one long

Silent scream

I will never apologize for calling a commie pig
A commie pig or any other name
If you think ripping my nation apart is your gig
I will not carry your no blame no shame

We're coming this time
And we're coming hard and fast and true
We don't need half wit nit pick slicksters
Just do what you say you'll do

We want our military strong
We want our borders locked down
We want our taxes lowered
We don't want any black panther clowns

Getting a free ride off the Attorney General
We don't want guns going to drug cartels
And if you kill one of our border guards
We want you on the short track to HELL

And don't you dare abandon our war fighters
Here at home or across the seas
This is the bottom line This the bottom line
This time it's freedom or tyranny

This time
It's you and me

10:54 am
transcribed this time
6:47 pm


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