Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Coming Down Around Us

Crime is running amok

But he's not an outlaw
He's a criminal out of control
He even tells nuns
They have no access to soul

There is no freedom of religion
I can do what I want to do
He thinks he has no boundaries
With total power he is imbued

The Constitution to him is a joke
He has a phone and a pen
There is no limit to his power
It's all about him

I'm sick of declarations
About who and when it failed
I don't want anymore indignation
I want somebody in Jail

They have no personal shame
They have totally gone corrupt
I want them doing hard time
I want them locked up

All this timidity and moderation
All these heads in the sand
It's not something I'm asking for
It's something I demand

Coddling criminal aliens
ROE's that get our guys killed
But all I ever hear about is how
The last vacation was such a thrill

The Border is wide open
No enforcement going on there
Money for the stinking illegals
But our jobs just vanish into thin air

Money money money
And they want more more more
The debt ceiling has been raised
To accomidate even the tallest whores

We will not drill for oil
We will not mine for coal
I have a pen and a phone
You sonsofbitches do what you're told

And accomidators step to the side
They keep putting off what's right
Next time next time next time
It's never time to fight

And some even have the damned nerve
To criticize the best of our kind
Who stand up for our values
Who openly boldly speak their minds

But enough is enough
Special Prosecutors get to work
Go after these liars con artists and thieves
Go after these smirking jerks

It's coming down around us
The river is going to flood
It's coming down to hard lines
It's coming down to blood

9:05 am
transcribed this time
9:21 am


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