Sunday, February 9, 2014


Is why they let in the Muslims
Who have terrorist ties
Power is why Obama gets away
With his outrageous lies

We are never ever to question
They all mean to do well
When they turn their thumb screws
And drag us all to Hell

Power is why we must let
Every stinking criminal alien in
We must be tolerant of Islam
And recognize Christianity as sin

They call their moves reform
They want to talk all nicey nice
But they don't care about the destruction
Their hearts are cold as ice

They can choose to not answer questions
And still make transparency claims
They can say their being insulted
While they play their stupid word games

Power is talking about shadows
When they push the children out front
And all we get from Bone Head Boehner
Is complicitness surrender and

The occasional punt


It's not about guns
It's about control
It's not about religion
It's about our ragged souls

Power is why they push health care
It's not about health at all
They don't want you to be polite
They want you to groveling crawl

It's the truth they say they want
As they tell us to bend over and cough
Power Power Power
The pigs all line up at the trough

Unconstitutional executive orders
Activist judges blocking the way
Dig up Brian Terry and kill him again
Lawlessness is the rule of the day

They laugh right in our faces
When we call their Communism out
They use the Just Us Department
To abuse to oppress repress

And make it only what they're about


Power Power Power
The enemy is inside the gate
It's time we all stood tall
And took into our own hands

Our fate

11:01 am
transcribed this time
12:22 pm



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