Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Calls for civility fall silent

The calls for civility fall silent
All good manners are cast aside
The leftist go all crude and rude
One of the world's greatest leaders has died

Meanwhile the golf playin partian man
Has got much better things to do
Than to show any honor or respect
For anybody who loved me and you

She and Reagan and John Paul
Brought down the Soviet Bloc
And now this Muslim Brotherhood supporter
Laughs and takes his short walk

Back up to the microphone
To bolster the spirit of our nation
Benghazi and Fast and Furious
Who better to push an investigation

The media never blinks an eye
They don't even try to keep track
They're real good at self censorship like
When the bust of Churchill got sent back

Why ask him about Eric Holder
When he goes to trying to confiscate guns
Why cover the trial of the murdering abortion doctor
When there's so much else that's fun

There's a double standard going on
For the self righteous and the two faced
Suddenly there is no dishonor or shame
Suddenly there is no such thing as disgrace

Ugly is as ugly does
It goes deep and to the core
Clowns sycophants and hanger arounds
Are standing in the way at the door

The calls for civility fall silent
All good manners are cast aside
The leftist go all crude and rude
One of the world's greatest leaders has died

And anybody intimidated by this sorry lot
Needs to seriously stand the Hell back
Patriots know the gang of eight can't shoot straight
And a sell out is.... a sell out

When your head is firmly up your butt crack


9:57 am
transcribed this time
10:07 am


Thursday, April 11, 2013

All so you can take a bow

The Black Gangs Chicago riots version

Well well well

Aren't you the sweetest kind of
Multi kulti freak
You're so open and forgiving
So kind and generous when you speak


About givng away my freedom
Giving away my safety in my home land
All so you can take a bow
As a tolerant wonderful man

Who rewards gangs with open disregard
Of this nations laws and guiding rules
Ahhhh yes those insignificant minor details
Are only for the less enlightened fools


And thus

Up go the hospital costs
But what do you care
Up goes the number slaughtered
And families hearts laid bare

Up go the murder rates
The gangs theft and crime
But all that to you reads as petty
Beneath you and a waste of your time


What an arrogant dream schemer
What a brain washed drone
When here comes the riots
And all you can do is lie prone


And think that you can get away with it
By sitting up all pretty and striking a pose
But let me tell you something buddy
That's not the way it is or it will go

Because there's a price to be paid
For freedom and an ability to think
And I will stand and deliver

Whether it be blood or ink


5:14 pm
transcribed this time
12:28 pm


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brave New World Slave New World

Insane Hussein is prime time slime

He is a liar a thief and a traitor
He is dedicated to his cause
He doesn't care how he does it
He doesn't care about the laws

He's a pig and a scum bum
He tricks up all slick and he's quick
To create chaos and confusion
Believe me he does it for kicks

He's a true believer
He's dug up Karl Marx's grave
And gave that dead stinking body
Oral sex as resuscitation in order to save

That rotten evil communist system
To give it one more chance to break us
To rob of us of our love honor and integrity
To make us incapable of any trust

Trust but verify words to live by
America needs her vigilant now
Screw this Muslim symp wimp
To Hell with the holy cow

The Golden calf is not our God
Neither is the molester of a child
Who proclaimed himself a Prophet
And then went on to kill and defile

Every Patriot needs to prepare
We need to engage the sick and insane
The Crusades never ended
Let our Phoenix nature rise from the flames

For we are now at a place and time
When Leftists lecture us about rules
And how we need more and more of them
I will not bend to the ramblings of fools

These people will kill us
With their ignorance myths and lies
A centralized all powerful government
Is the monster right before our eyes

It may take letters songs and words
It may take bullets guns and knives
The Threshold of a dream
The Threshold of a scream

You tell me which has arrived

10:01 am
transcribed this time
11:39 am

Obama is a traitor

Deserving all that
Traitors bring upon themselves

Taken out and shot
Taken out and hung
Taken out and executed
For being on the bottom rung

Of civilized behavior
In a civilized nation
When you bring disgrace
To the situation

Your fellow men
Find themselves in
When attacked from the outside
You can't have it also within

And that's what he does
With his orders and proclamations
He's a blight on humanity
He's an utter out and out

Complete Obamanation

He gets good men killed
He wants more illegals here
His motives are in his actions
His intentions are clear

Destroy the economy
Rip up the Constitution
Strip you of your guns
Bring down the institutions

That once protected us all
That brought honor to our lives
He hates the USA
And could care less if it survives

Unemployment and food stamps
And still we can't drill
Obamacare makes me sick
Haven't we had our fill

I spit in his face
I'd spit on his grave
He is a total disgrace
What soul is there to save

He gives the Muslim BroHood
Jets and tanks what a mess
Fort Hood and Benghazi
The A-hole couldn't care less

11:17 am
standard plausible deniability
of any unlawful violence being
Imagery is to set in motion
the power of emotion
* transcribed this time
11:20 am