Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Taliban Slaughters

The Taliban slaughters
140 kids in a school

This is who Hillary Clinton thinks we ought
To be empathetic with she's such a fool

But it seems quite popular nowadays
Yes it seems to be the trend
That we should all treat Monsters
As if they were our friends

It is not merely another view point
It can only be decadence itself
That wouldn't do everything in its power
To stop this from happening to anyone else

Humanity is on the brink
The world is in tumult trouble and toil
Yet here in the bastion of freedom
We have elites beyond the pale and spoiled

Who want to make policy
As though it's all an intellectual game
We need to protect the innocents
But who they want to protect is insane

They have no common sense
They have no real compassion
They have no heart for survival
They wear their lack of standards as a fashion

Do not become numb to these monsters
Or give their supporters any slack
For surely you are selling out civilization
And stabbing every good man and woman

In the back

10:04 am
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11:33 am


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bring on Jeb Bush

Bring on Jeb Bush..

Bring America down
Spread the news Spread the news
The GOP is bringing another mushy moderate around

The illegals all come here for love
Not drugs not gangs not cheap labor not crime
The Chamber of Commerce is swingin the hammer
And they want the same damn thing again this time

To Hell with the base
The average American Joanna and Joe..
We must pander pander pander
We must bend - bend over and go with the flow

Just like a toilet does
When it runs over the edge of a bowl
The elites are willing to risk another defeat
Willing to allow the final death blow

Bring on Jeb Bush..
He's just like Romney and McLame
The establishment Rino's are selling us out
For greed and for the fun of being insane

Just like Bone Head Boehner..
Gave Obama everything he wanted again
To Hell with the Constitution
Their election promises are all pretend

Bring on Jeb Bush..

We haven't suffered enough
Let's have another democrap light
Let's try the same thing again when we lost
Let's not put up a fight

11:21 am
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11;42 am


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Comes the Time

Comes the time of the great despot
And his minions of madness and no shame
Comes the time of the hustlers
And those who swift riff shift the blame

The heat is rising up
The idiots are hitting the street
All are looking for easy targets
But mainly fresh new meat

The guns are going off
The fire is being applied
Witnesses are recanting
But who is it that cares they lied

Certainly not the the thieves
The Hucksters screaming does not cease
What is that there foaming at the mouth about
Oh yeah No Justice No peace

Throwing rocks and bottles
Throwing insults and slurs
All this understanding
Is going by in such a blur

Down with personal responsibility
Up with the accusations slung like mud
Down with sanity and reason
Up with the madness and blood

Undermine any openess and transparency
Destroy any confidence in local personnel
And the concern for facts and truth
Well that can go straight to Hell

What we need is an oligarchy
Of players perversity pimps and punks
What we need is massive corruption
And bodies in the trunks

They want to be our saviors
Just give over all control
And all they want for their utopia
Is your heart your mind

And your soul

9:39 am
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11:10 am