Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hollowing Out Our Military

We have a liar in chief
Cutting to the bone
And all to feed into corruption
To leave us standing alone

Naked and alone
Debt debt debt
He's destroying the best
And does not have one regret

Not enough for pensions
Not enough for decent pay
Reducing the number of actual shooters
To stand in harms way

In this dangerous world
Evil has taken notice of this
They do have the deadly intentions
To see that we no longer exist

The scum in our White House
Has his exit strategy planned
He will sacrifice any and all
Down to the last man

Strength and Honor
I love my brothers in arms
I will do what I must
To keep them from harm

This back stabbing is treason
They all think it's fun and games
Till they have blood on the line
Till they face death and pain


11:20 am

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