Sunday, December 7, 2014

Comes the Time

Comes the time of the great despot
And his minions of madness and no shame
Comes the time of the hustlers
And those who swift riff shift the blame

The heat is rising up
The idiots are hitting the street
All are looking for easy targets
But mainly fresh new meat

The guns are going off
The fire is being applied
Witnesses are recanting
But who is it that cares they lied

Certainly not the the thieves
The Hucksters screaming does not cease
What is that there foaming at the mouth about
Oh yeah No Justice No peace

Throwing rocks and bottles
Throwing insults and slurs
All this understanding
Is going by in such a blur

Down with personal responsibility
Up with the accusations slung like mud
Down with sanity and reason
Up with the madness and blood

Undermine any openess and transparency
Destroy any confidence in local personnel
And the concern for facts and truth
Well that can go straight to Hell

What we need is an oligarchy
Of players perversity pimps and punks
What we need is massive corruption
And bodies in the trunks

They want to be our saviors
Just give over all control
And all they want for their utopia
Is your heart your mind

And your soul

9:39 am
transcribed this time
11:10 am


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