Monday, January 14, 2013


It's a bunch of crazies obsessed about
Trying to take your right to self defense away
It's about a bunch self righteous smug arrogant
Nit Pick Half Wits deciding that you in no way get a say

And to Hell with the Constitutional 2nd Amendment
And whatever that unalienable rights junk is about
Only the police and military can have guns
Anybody else possessing them is cause for fear and doubt

Stupid Stupid so called average American citizens
Thinking it's because of the brave it's the home of the free
Should be condemned as should any family member
As regards to considering self preservation having any credibility

It's not a gun debate

It's a bunch of twisted freaks who keep tallking about deer
And why does anybody need ten rounds to kill one of them
There are psychos out their screaming into microphones
Who have their intellectual lights turned off or down to dim

Why does anyone need high capacity magazines
They don't so therefore neither should you either
Oh they'll so call compromise and take what they can get
But believe me they will never Never ever take a breather

Till you are completely helpless and defenseless
And down in a ditch apologizing for daring to disagree
That government alone should have all the power
And only when you have that boot on your neck will you see

That they alone know it all what's good and bad happy and sad
Individuals have caused all the grief that has gone on before
All the sheep and power mad sick little tyrants are pushing for
Everyone in that armed body guarded room behind closed doors

To get to take your damn guns away
Get to make you finally understand
You only have what rights the system allows
Though shalt have no gods before me

Sayeth The Government Man

9:51 pm

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