Sunday, January 27, 2013


Jokes don't work anymore
This low life sonoffa bitch
Doesn't just have a different opinion
He's looking to make us kneel in a ditch

Self Defense draws near
This Monster has gone mad
There is no political room to move
This is all just low down bad

So prepare my children
Prepare your life and soul
This pretend man is here to deliver
Hard and bloody and cold

Keep your calm
And don't over react
And for damn sure don't
Announce you're jacked

The Time has come
The Hand has been dealt
Now we know how
Our Fore Fathers felt

They knew when
Pearl Harbor went down
That real courage and bravery called
For more than just standing around

911 has seared across our sky
Hell and Death has called our names
We either listen to our hearts
Or the lying deranged evil insane


A traitor has got his hand
On our military's throat
Every Night he consults
With the upright walking goat

We all see him now
He's in his full glory
It's payback time
And he's telling the story

But consider this I ask you
What is worth defending
And who is it here
Who is writting whose ending

12:13 am
transcribed this time
1:09 am


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