Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Parasites are dancing

The facts are
Whether you want to believe them are not
Said the little arrogant snit twit
Whose nose did heavily drip with snot

Al Queda is on the Run
There is no problem with the debt
BenGhazi is under investigation
We haven't found the killers yet

Brian Terry got himself killed
There's plenty of bean bags to go around
Fast And Furious had nothing to do with
What put him in the ground

Global warming is real
It is not a green scam sham
Solyndra is the answer
You just don't give a damn

We don't need a Keystone pipe line
We don't need to dig for oil
We don't need coal as an energy source
You're just rotten and spoiled

Food Stamps help the economy
As does extending benefits
Unions know all the answers
It's not like they're a bunch of idiots

The time for the US is over
We are on the decline
Accept it accept it accept
And first it starts with the mind

2:38 pm
transcribed this time
1:13 pm


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