Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Obama is a traitor

Deserving all that
Traitors bring upon themselves

Taken out and shot
Taken out and hung
Taken out and executed
For being on the bottom rung

Of civilized behavior
In a civilized nation
When you bring disgrace
To the situation

Your fellow men
Find themselves in
When attacked from the outside
You can't have it also within

And that's what he does
With his orders and proclamations
He's a blight on humanity
He's an utter out and out

Complete Obamanation

He gets good men killed
He wants more illegals here
His motives are in his actions
His intentions are clear

Destroy the economy
Rip up the Constitution
Strip you of your guns
Bring down the institutions

That once protected us all
That brought honor to our lives
He hates the USA
And could care less if it survives

Unemployment and food stamps
And still we can't drill
Obamacare makes me sick
Haven't we had our fill

I spit in his face
I'd spit on his grave
He is a total disgrace
What soul is there to save

He gives the Muslim BroHood
Jets and tanks what a mess
Fort Hood and Benghazi
The A-hole couldn't care less

11:17 am
standard plausible deniability
of any unlawful violence being
Imagery is to set in motion
the power of emotion
* transcribed this time
11:20 am


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