Saturday, December 7, 2013

A tyrant is among us

And he's becoming
More and more unhinged
We are now disconnected
From our Constitution..

He's on a power drinking binge

It's not a close call
By executive orders he rules
And he gets away with it
Because of mindless stupid fools

Process matters
The end doesn't justify the means
Lawlessness abounds
On each and every chosen scene

Everything can be re-written
Everything can be changed
There is no balance of power
Everyday it becomes more deranged

Illegals have more rights
Than World War Two vets
He's not the least bit ashamed
He has not one regret

Who is it that says we have to obey
Illegitimate government action
A totalitarian mind set
Is trying to undermine all traction

By a free and willful people
By the hard working patriotic class
And it may not be entirely appropriate

But I'm thinkin all of them....

Every last one of them
Can shove it up their ass

1:59 pm

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