Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brave New World Slave New World

Insane Hussein is prime time slime

He is a liar a thief and a traitor
He is dedicated to his cause
He doesn't care how he does it
He doesn't care about the laws

He's a pig and a scum bum
He tricks up all slick and he's quick
To create chaos and confusion
Believe me he does it for kicks

He's a true believer
He's dug up Karl Marx's grave
And gave that dead stinking body
Oral sex as resuscitation in order to save

That rotten evil communist system
To give it one more chance to break us
To rob of us of our love honor and integrity
To make us incapable of any trust

Trust but verify words to live by
America needs her vigilant now
Screw this Muslim symp wimp
To Hell with the holy cow

The Golden calf is not our God
Neither is the molester of a child
Who proclaimed himself a Prophet
And then went on to kill and defile

Every Patriot needs to prepare
We need to engage the sick and insane
The Crusades never ended
Let our Phoenix nature rise from the flames

For we are now at a place and time
When Leftists lecture us about rules
And how we need more and more of them
I will not bend to the ramblings of fools

These people will kill us
With their ignorance myths and lies
A centralized all powerful government
Is the monster right before our eyes

It may take letters songs and words
It may take bullets guns and knives
The Threshold of a dream
The Threshold of a scream

You tell me which has arrived

10:01 am
transcribed this time
11:39 am

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