Sunday, February 3, 2013

You're not trying to untie that Gordian
With an accordion are you

You're not a survivalist are you
You're not a gun nut
You don't go off the deep end do you
If somebody shows a display of bravery and guts

You're don't have PTSD do you
You're not a veteran who put it on the line
You're not an extreme right winger are you
Running obviously over the line

You're not Anti Abortionist are you
You're not a psycho Christian about the cross
Sayin Merry Christmas or God Bless you
Or one of them rednecks nicknamed Bubba or Hoss

You're not a racist are you
And think you're all cool cause you're white
You're not one of those equal opportunity
Not equal result kind of pervert thinkin that's right

You're not a lower taxes kinda guy are you
Sayin there's actually no such thing as government money
You're not one of those up tight hater types
Who doesn't think Bill Maher is geniusly funny

You're not a Tea Party crazy are you
Thinking John F'n Kerry Hillary and Hagel are fake
Just let me ask you this one thing
What difference does any of that make

It's not your turn anymore
Haven't you heard the news
The Constitution is a living document
It can mean anything we say it means

You're just confused

1:42 pm
yes that hagel
of the I hate bagels club...idiot
transcribed this time
1:43 pm


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