Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Advise Givers....eat my liver

There is a storm coming
And soon it will be here
It will be all consuming for those
Who preached and practiced fear

Many will be killed
Stomped right into the ground
And they will probably die
Spouting off their utterly stupid sounds

Compromise Compromise Compromise
Stealing and lying are not corruption
Telling the truth and having core beliefs
Are the only things causing disruption

Ignorance and arrogance will scream
As fires reveal their endless lies
The pompous and the pontificating
Will of course go down thinking

They can still slip one by

They will simply switch sides
They can hide and imitate
They too can pretend to love freedom
After all honor and integrity

Are words anyone can regurgitate

10:39 am
* for those
who want to give advise
when they are actually against us

transcribed this time
12:48 pm


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