Sunday, December 22, 2013

From one Fuck you to the next

The 9 re-pukes who voted with the
DemonRats to steal from vets
Bi-Partisan...whores going forward
Hating this country and


They are laughing in your face
As they work to let the illegals in
They laugh at your religion

They mock your rejection of sin

They hate you and want
To destroy your way of life
They will kill your children
They will kidnap and rape your wife

They will take away your guns
They will take away your rights
They will make it against the law
For you to resist or fight

They want you on your knees
You're being sold out from within
They keep telling you later later
It is not yet time to begin

To remove this cancer
That is eating away at our soul
They will tell you when to bet
They will tell you when to fold

Prepare for the revolution
For sure its time draws near
You must believe what they believe
Or all you deserve is fear and tears

Blessed be to us all
Blessed be to the brave
Blessed be our freedom
For now it must be saved

12:54 pm
transcribed this time
6:46 pm


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