Monday, January 7, 2013

A gun grabbers tactics

Strawmen Strawmen
Are openly used
While a free thinking people
Are lied about and falsely accused


Oceans of emotions
You lay on it thick
But just like the song goes
You're thick as a brick

A good little statist
Pen in hand
Ready to turn in anybody
Who disagrees with the man

A twit and a jerk
A failure and a fraud
Who thinks government leaders
Are as good as gods

He mocks and laughs
Ridicules and demeans
Spews out talking points
And stirs up the scene

Take away the rights
Publish good citizens names
A boot licking sycophant
Is told who to blame

And he goes right at it
He flims and flams and flames
He's got it all figured out
Him and his broken brain

10:31 am

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