Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Americans Killed

Brave young men
Killed in Benghazi

Who here thinks Obama gives a damn
About Algeria his silence is deafening
He's now back on the lamb

You can't get him to shut up
When it's about Americans with guns
But when it's Americans shot dead
Well it's going to take a while

To get any justice done

And what are the Republicans doing
I haven't heard a word
From any investigative committee
Seeking to lift wings with freedoms bird

Brian Terry is dead
As weapons go to drug cartels
And not one mention of that while
The 2nd Amendment is ripped to Hell

Who lately has been called
To sit to be sworn in to testify before
The Hearings on the murdered Ambassador
Lord forgive us if we upset Bills tired old whore

Lately it's all unprincipled
And unpatriotic I must say
Reagan must be turning over in his grave
Over and over each and every day

I'm sick of all this positioning
As if later we'll gain sway
And so called conservatives giving cover
As the commie dims keep getting their way

Whatever happened
To doing what's right
If you can't win the fight
You still must wage the fight

The debt is spinning out of control
Our hopes and dreams are being pinned
Everyone would be in jail
If this accounting was done

By anyone but government men

Bodies laid out
Theft rampant beyond belief
Lies Lies Lies and more Lies
And there seems to be no relief

Who on the inside
Is fighting for us
Where is the integrity
Fidelity and trust

Who on the inside
Is taking a stand
Who when truth is called for
Boldly raises their hand

Who remembers our wounded
Our fallen our dead
Who with grave humility
Respectfully bows their head

What sacrifices have been made
What oaths have been taken
Death before Dishonor
Leave none behind or forsaken

11:15 am
transcribed this time
11:42 am


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