Friday, January 18, 2013

We Are The Cats

Here is a step in the right direction

There should be dead on the ground
There should be bodies layed out
There should be smoke in the air
And a move that leaves no doubt

That there will be vengeance
There will be justice applied
There will an accounting
For those Americans that died

And it will include the spilling of blood
The Islamic Jihad must be met with force
They must be met with no mercy
They must be dealt with as a matter of course

Helicopters and jets
Rockets and machine guns
Missiles and Drones flying about
The job that must get done

Extermination of the vermin
The cleaning out of rats
There is a plague loose on the land
And we are the cats

That can end this carnage
This destruction of civilization
They are here to make a Caliphate
Out of each and every nation

They need to be slaughtered
They need to blown apart
They are evil incarnate
They only have hate in their hearts

10:24 am
as pertains to the
taking of Algerian hostages
and their resulting murders
transcribed this time
10:33 am


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