Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yeah I said a bad bad word

He's not Partisan
And Anderson Pooper isn't Queer
He's not lying and
Holds our Constitution dear

He's not a traitor
And wants our nation free
And it's not his fault
Anybody died in Behghazi

He's not spending too much
The debt is just too high
He guts our military but
Oh aren't those drones fun to fly

He wants all our guns
But gives Egypt F 16's
As the slobbering media
Pridefully knows what it means

To be more to the left
Than Pravda ever was
As they go to White Hut Dinners
To get a good buzz

Let's write love letters to Lenin
And all hail Brother Che
Communism never kills
Anybody is that what they say

Yeah..I said a bad bad word
And Brian Terry had to die
Because the gutless media
Just lets him lie and lie and lie

10:34 pm
transcribed this time
12:27 am
* posted up on Breitbart
The Rave the Fire the something
I'm sleeeeepy
*in  response to Oba's
Miss statement of the unsteady Union
A dress..


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