Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not Guilty

Not Guilty

As anyone who defends themselves
Against great bodily harm or death
We all have a right to liberty..
We all have a right to our sacred breath

Nobody has the right to knock you down
And pound your head into the sidewalk
Nobody's tellin me Creepy Ass Cracker..
Is a bunch of light hearted talk

The Black Panthers put out a contract
To make George Zimmerman Dead
And what do we hear from Eric Holder
Not one damn word was said

They say George was a wanna be cop
Meanwhile Trayvonne was a wanna be thug
Doin double finger flip offs grinnin stealing
A real "no limit niggah" bragging about doing drugs

Not Guilty as the day he was born
Not Guilty to the righteous and sane
Not Guilty as in should have never been tried
Not Guilty to anyone with a soul

And even half a brain

12:19 pm

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