Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stormin Norman

Stormin Norman was a war fighter
Not an efficacious careerist fool
He knew the first rule in war
Was there are no rules

He knew the enemy
And what they stood for
He knew what they deserved was
To be sent directly to deaths door

For backing evil and torture
For backing an insane regime
For backing blood soaked torture rooms
And the nations killer of dreams

Mad were the followers
That Norman went up against
He chose the winning way
He did not straddle the fence

He loved his men
Their devotion to duty and pride
His respect for them
He chose to never hide

His tanks were magnificent
His ground troops as well
His air strikes were precision
Yeah...all kind of monsters got

Sent back to Hell

He stood proud and strong
He gave credit to his troops Amen
When the bugle called he gave his all
He was a man among men

2:10 pm

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