Sunday, December 16, 2012

The White Hut Imam

The White Hut Imam propagandizes
About the Connecticut school shooting

The Nerve

The Nerve of the exploiter in chief
The Nerve of his reading off their names
The Nerve of inserting himself in
By virtue of the personal pain

At a moment in our nation
As if this was the center of all grief
As if the men who died in Afghanistan
While he was Commander in Chief

Meant nothing
Meant nothing more than a passing hurt
When Brian Terry was struck down
And layed right there and died in the dirt

Because of one of the guns
Smuggled to the infamous Drug Cartels
Yes we're all supposed to forget about
Eric Holder as if we're all under a spell

The Nerve

Remember Benghazi
Some of us hold true to this Battle Cry
We will not forget the situation room
When he sat right there and watched them die

The only word sent out was one considering
That the election was coming to town
No rescue No mercy No man left behind
The only word sent out was.... Stand Down

He never felt anything then
Like he feels nothing of the young Marine
Stuck in some scum suck Mexican Jail
He's always off somewhere in the inbetween

With Jamie Fox  or that idiot from South Korea
Or endless golfing and parties every night
Then it's just statistics around his non policies
And of course racism meaning what is done by whites

The Nerve

Of this pretend man
With his orientation about our nation
Always being about colonialism and how
We stole everything since our very creation

What he means by WE
When he spoke like he did tonight
Is this moment now and only now
And how he's going to make it all right

With his hope and change crap rap
He's just itching to take away our guns
Oh how sincere he is Him and all
The rest of his leftist scum bums

But some of us see him for what he is
We will not be overwhelmed by circumstances
We will not be charmed or disarmed
We see We know

We bear witness
How the serpent dances

8:43 pm
* ... ore-100541
transcribed this time
9:45 pm


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