Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Build your bunker

Put aside enough food for months
Put aside enough water and guns
Put aside enough medicine
To do what must be done

There is no other side now
Only parasitical madness on the loose
They sell us out at every turn
They are into serial abuse

Gas prices go up
Food prices go up
Oh but don't you worry
Nobody is corrupt

The Press will save us
They will be honest and true
They care about our freedom
They care about me and you

Nancy Piglosi and Eric Holder
We slip further into the insane's reign
Harry Reid passes no budget
The crazies have no shame

Prepare your home and car
Put supplies in ready to go trunks
Get your bug out bags ready
Zombies are just another name for punks

Love your families and pets
The End Times do draw near
Be ready to put aside your fear
Be ready to put aside your tears

The time is coming for judgement
Darkness is coming for the light
You can bow down and surrender
Or stand up deliver and fight

But no more stupid compromises
No more playing it off
No more get along songs
No more avoiding the scoff

The dismissive and the arrogant
Have no courtesy or belief
They will feed on your dreams
They will empathize with your grief

But only to take away your power
They want it all to themselves
But just like all the other stories
About Fairies trolls and elves

The one about the golden goose
Is simple and easy to understand
Eggs don't come out any faster
Just because you scream your demands

Which brings us to the unions
Which brings us to the back room deals
They go in talking fairness
And come out with all they can steal

And the mad fools go along
They blindly worship or rationalize
He must really mean it this time
Did you see him wipe that

Tear from his eyes

9:59 am
transcribed this time
7:13 pm


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