Saturday, December 1, 2012

Someone suggested we deserve this for having lost the election....

I don't deserve this crap

Anymore than the men that died in Benghazi
Anymore than the men that died in the Alamo
I still believe in Blood and Honor and Vengeance
I"ll have you know

I don't deserve this crap

Dished onto me by the Ronulans
And the National Media's lies
Be they be the ones of omission
Or their promoting evil when they say

With evil we should compromise

Screw anyone who does such
I will not wear the shame that is solely theirs
I will break their wrists to break their stranglehold
Don't tell me........what is ......fair

When you're a stinking Communist
When you're an immature snot
Who thinks it's all about pay back whitey
And they sure as Hell are taken their shot

Nothing is beneath them
Oh but they are so full of themselves of late
They look stunned and now are vindicated
For what they know is outright crazy hate

The time draws nigh
To take the measure of everyman
Judgement day is coming
And we'll see who takes command

Enough of this Multi-Kulti insanity
Enough of this insane shit
In this twisted fairy tale perversion version
It is the whore who lost her shoe

And it's quite obvious who it fits

10:19 pm

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