Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Go Ahead

Go ahead and punk out

Go ahead and be a bitch
It's easy to stand for freedom
When somebody's not tryin to pull a switch

Between security and freedom
Between comfort and the damned
Between being afraid of criticism
And standing up for a free Home Land

Go ahead and cave in
Go ahead and abandoned post
Go ahead and pledge allegiance
To whoever will give you the most

I'm sick of these politicians
Who publicly cave
Because some lunatic leftists
Stand up and rave

On and on
Why only police should have guns
As if all they're for is hunting
And some target practice fun

These scum bag idiots don't get it
They're to protect us from them
From those who would suggest
That we burn the Constitution

To keep the light from going dim

Meanwhile they have armed guards
And bullet proof cars
Cause you know important people
Got important things to do

Cause they're going far

They're going to protect you
They're going for your throat
They tell you it's for your own good
And that tyranny's chances are remote

Because they say so
Oh yes oh yes hear that song they sing
And it's not like they're liars

So listen to them and their followers
With souls so meek
That somebody needs to tell them
What to think and how to speak

Because what

There never comes a time to choose
Between wrong and right
And there'll never comes a time you'll lose

If you don't
Fight your own fight

11:07 am
transcribed this time
7:05 pm


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