Saturday, December 1, 2012


Liars first lie to themselves
Then they lie to whom they please
They create all these false scenarios
In order to put on the squeeze

Marxist divide us all up
In order to rule us all
First they ask for a bow
But eventually it's a crawl

There arrogance grows and grows
As they increase their power
Honor and respect mean nothing
They love to make people cower

Especially the ones that ever dared
To stand up for the truth
If you call them a communist dirt bag
They'll say you're uncouth

But Hell that's what they are
And that to me is seriously polite
For Scum that demeans our military
Who fight for what is right

I hate all Socialists
Without the thinnest of doubts
I am dedicated to their defeat
Because Freedom

Is what it is about

Liars are the parasites
Upon our reason and decency
Liars are a plague
Upon our common sense and integrity

10:47 am
transcribed this time


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