Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oh yeah...

Oh yeah...bash the Tea Party
Great idea....

We need more moderates
We need more compromise
We need to prove we don't hate
We need to work with those who lie

We need to be manipulated
By the Media and Dims
We need to think they're brilliant
Who ever suggests that we cave in

We must not fight to win
We must try to lose a little less
We must stick with surface issues
And just stir around the mess

Rino's sell us out
The Mushy Middle calls
But Boehners leadership problem
Is not that he has big balls

The elites bargain and trade
Offer us up their best advise
Like they give a damn about conservatism
They always tell us to think twice

About being too passionate
When it comes to God
The Democrats denounced him three times
Now who's the hypocrites and frauds

The pretenders want us to drop
The Social Issues to the bottom of the well
Like there are no modern corollaries between
Sodom and Gomorrah and Hell

Abortion is just too touchy
Controversy is a bad bad thing
Innocent life should be hung out there
On a prayer and a wing

The Military needs to be cut
What an insane thought
Ovomit panders to the Muslim Brotherhood
So they don't get over wrought

Thank God we've been saved
By the Arab Spring
Let's sweep Behghazi under the rug
And see what wonderfulness that brings

We need to reach out to LATINOS
Maybe give more guns to drug cartels
Everybody sucks up to Eric Holder
Like he has them under a spell

But some of us don't
Time to get Priorities straight
I for one am not awaiting permission
From a bunch of wussies at the gate

10:35 am
transcribed this time
11:39 am


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