Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today's idiot

(some idiot on a chat board)

Is an example of what the dimocrats have come to
They are essentially suicidally confrontational
Their arguments have become obsessive and fixed
They seek in their minds to become sensational

But all they know are their circular arguments
And a bunch of low down dirty tricks

They provoke and joke and stroke and poke
But they seek no solutions to the mess
And if you question them deeply and thoroughly
They go right to playing why don't you guess


They're immensely proud of them selves
Anything can be to them a reaffirmation
If you don't go along with their out of tune song
It's back to treachery deceit and obfuscation

They're insane crazy and completely dedicated
To over talking you and getting in the last word
Figuring out what to do with what they put out
Is like trying to figure how to

Pick up the clean end of a turd

10:42 pm
transcribed this time
9:42 pm


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