Thursday, November 22, 2012

You think you're gonna slide in here

And bamboozle a bunch of us country boys
You think you can talk all that mumbo jumbo
And proceed to treat us like your toys

You can flash all that brash trash talk
And lip flip all those figures around
But we know what it takes to make
A living come up out of the ground

Hey buddy you think we're your garden
You think we don't know how Bull Sh*t smells
You ain't nuthin but a snake oil salesman
With all kind of city sick slick ways to sell

But what say you me and Bubba
Go a little further out in the sticks
C'mon don't you worry none
Sides it's just a couple of hicks

Maybe you could buy our land out
From under us bein you so paper smart
Geez mister maybe we uns could work
For you we'd be happys to do our part

But first we need your opinion over here
Check out these old abandoned mines
Check out these old unworked wells
You might be a surprised what you find

Or if we thought you even had an ounce
Of decency in ya past that mouth breathin sass
We might be just give you an Okie beat down
You know just seriously whup your ass

Instead of leave you some place for the crows
Leave ya for the coyotes and such
Some of us are gitten a might tired
Of you treatin us like we's touched

You act like we ain't got no families
You act like we ain't fought in no wars
Or know what common sense is
Or what right and good things are for

You best be check yourself
Turn yourself over a new leaf
Really your ideas sound stupid enough
With out spitin them out through broken teeth

9:01 pm

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