Friday, November 16, 2012

Blah blah blah

Oh I get it

You're a dangerous dumb ass
You're brain washed through and through
But aren't you ever so clever when
You kiss that mirror in front of you

Hey here's a suggestion
Suck it loser suck it to the bone
You slandering dimwits wouldn't know
A Brave soldier if one came home

And loved his family and friends
And believed in freedom and liberty too
Yep you're that kind of mindless idiot
That thinks it's all about you

You have no shame only arrogance
Your first intellectual love is word games
You just want to win the talk talk
You don't care about honor death and pain

You're willingly a dullard braying on
Into the cold dead night that is your mind
You're as charming as a dog licking up vomit
And a complete and total waste of time

1:12 am
this one is to some squat bug
who mocks and ridicules to support
yeah...really support john fairy kerry
for defense secretary..maybe
hanoi jane could be his conciliator
transcribed this time
2:06 am


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